Gay Dolphins

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Have you ever wondered what kind of high end, life changing scientific research your hard earned tax money goes to?

Today I have the answer for you...

Gay dolphin sex

Sorry my bad, what I actually meant was...

Lesbian dolphin sex!

Just look at this quick segment, it's pure gold

Clitoral stimulation seems to be important during female–female sexual interactions in common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), which rub each other’s clitorises using snouts, flippers, or flukes

And if you wonder how a dolphin clitoris actually looks like, here is your answer:


For more dolphin porn research feel free to visit and read the actual paper at

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I feel like I can read anything now that I read a research-level paper on gay dolphin sex. I'm not sure how I feel about that fact.

I always thrive to bring quality on hive. Glad I make an impact!

Yeah, you did, lol. I couldn't believe so much effort was dedicated to the task.

And they've been doing this in front of children at the zoos the entire time while the kids just thought they were playing and being cute! This is an outrage!



I'm dieing 🤣

Sure takes "getting eaten by a dolphin" to a whole new level doesn't it.



Ugh, your title. Hook, line, and sinker. Seriously, how in TF did these people get funding for this research.


Oh, of course you wouldn't know. I was just saying. In college, it seemed like it was a marathon-olympic effort to get funding for more practical research like Cancer or Alzheimer's. However, these people get funding for dolphin genetalia? Screw those guys.

Lesbian dolphin sex!


ρε συ....βρισκω ενδιαφεροντα τα post σου....ρε πουστη μου εχω προβλημα ε...δεν εξηγειτε αλλιως ρε συ

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You are just funny

Dolphin porn.. Really??


The days of male bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) are numbered.

somebody ate tide pods again :))))

Your mom?

woah LESBIAN dolphins really get aggressive and rub each others dolphin clits thats crazzzyy brooo thats like what happens in the metaverse discord hahaha


Wouldn’t that make them a LICALOTAPUSS…..🤣😂😭


i told u theyre gay and on instagram they say they have these multi year long bromabces they use to help mate with females lol

rubbing clits with snouts, flippers and flukes sounds like some lesbian reddit trollxchromasome femcel cutsey shit lol

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