Dope fish!

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Check out these dope fish I just heard about out:

They look like tiny submarines with headlights, don't they? 😂

Not surprisingly, they are commonly known as flashlight fish. Scientifically described as Photoblepharon palpebratum, these are small fish occurring in the western and central Pacific Ocean, usually near rocks and corals. Other common names it comes by are the the eyelight fish and the one-fin flashlightfish.

But what's the deal with the flashlight eyes? And how do they work?

Underneath the eyes, the fish has special organs filled with bioluminescent bacteria that produce a vibrant blue-green light that is used for all kinds of stuff, like attracting prey, confusing predators and even communicating with other individuals of the species.

The fish also has a special dark lid to turn the light on and off depending on the circumstances 😂

In case you wonder, here's how it actually looks like:

download (7).jpeg

Yep, it's one ugly mother fucker 😂

Apparently, these fish are pretty common in their habitat, but you would need to go about 15 meters deep or more if you wanted to find one. Or just visit an aquarium that has them as an exhibit.

Other than their cool eyes, there's not much else interesting about these creatures. Here's some more boring info from wikipedia about em:

The eyelight fish spends the day hidden in caves and crevices and emerges at night to feed, generally in large groups away from the reef. Its primary food source is likely crustaceans it finds or attracts with its light organs. Like other anomalopids, the eyelight fish's reproduction is oviparous. Mated pairs spawn near the water's surface. Each female can lay up to around 1,000 eggs per spawning. These eggs go through a brief planktonic phase before attaching to a nearby surface. Within a day, eggs turn milky white and sink to the substrate. Spawning has been documented in the early months of April and May, though it is likely the fish spawns at other times during the year as well. source

Ok, I ll wrap things up with a video from National geographic capturing the magic of these creatures in the the dark.

Damn, lucky fuckers to have experienced such a show!

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Imagine your shit after eating one of those.


ngl that bioluminescent stuff would be useful on the old ding dong if you know what I mean

I don't. Please elaborate

I mean a glowing dick would be useful in the dark, need more elaborating ? :)

I like when you talk dirty to me


Beautiful and a wonderful creature. If we go underwater, we see many beautiful creatures that are living like this. I have read about electric eel that passes current when we touch her but don't know about that.


Well if you didn't include the video in the post I might have said you are making up stories 😂😂

That really is one legendary fucking creature... Almost like a demon of the depths😎


Wouldn't call it a demon. They are pretty cute actually 😂

They are I wont argue... But can you imagine swimming and then all of a sudden see fish with glowing eyes! I'd surely crap myself a little... 😂🐟👀

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I think the local aquarium here has these.

Go check em out and make a post!

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I'll take a pic the next time I'm there, hopefully this summer.

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That’s pretty dam cool. There’s really some amazing shit out there in the world. Leave it to you to find it….🤣🤣🤣

Deep sea, flash light and ugly???

Could this be it's cousin or something 😂😂😂

I have seen this one, what a creature ❤️

What a cute and impresive fish man, only thing is that hey are sooo little imagine one of those at the size of a shark, that would be madness!

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Awesome looking fish! Just hit with the ugly stick a few times is all... I used to fish off of Miami for Tile fish using lighted lures at night, wow they tasted good!


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I myself am already very fond of going underwater like this but I'm afraid I haven't been able to see it yet but one day I will definitely go and see such beautiful fish up close.

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