AI Discovers Antibiotic Proteins, Revolutionizing Drug Development

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By now you have probably heard how chatgbt can write blog posts, emails, poems, press releases, dall-e prompts, pieces of code etc etc. Just feed it with the right shit and it can do some amazing shit, faster and often better than a human.

Imo, we have only began to scratch the surface and by the end of the year I have a feeling ai will impact the world in ways we can't imagine. For better or for worse, only time can tell. Just spend a good day on YouTube to see all the amazing stuff people are making with chatgbt and other similar ai tools and your jaw will drop! And that's just with the free, publicly available and dumbed down Chatgbt. Who knows what the real deal can deliver!

Anyways, the reason I started writing this post is this article I stumbled upon on newsscientist

Now, I could be a smartass and have chatgbt reword it and make a new post about the subject and pass it as my own. But instead I asked it to write me a quick synopsis, lmao 😂

A biotechnology start-up in California, Profluent, used an AI called ProGen to design new proteins with antimicrobial properties. The AI learned how to generate proteins by studying the sequences of 280 million existing proteins. The researchers tested 100 of the AI-designed proteins, with 66 showing chemical reactions similar to existing proteins that destroy bacteria. 5 of the best-performing proteins were selected and added to bacteria, with 2 destroying the bacteria. X-rays confirmed that their shapes almost matched naturally occurring proteins, even though their amino acid sequences were different. The researchers believe this process could eventually be used to create new test molecules for drug development, but they would still need to be tested in the lab.

Pretty decent job 😂

Even the title of my post was written by chatgbt. I just asked for a catchy title 😂

Anyways, what impressed the most is that the AI used a technology similar to chatgbt

ProGen learned how to generate new proteins by learning the grammar of how amino acids combine to form 280 million existing proteins. Instead of the researchers choosing a topic for the AI to write about, they could specify a group of similar proteins for it to focus on. In this case, they chose a group of proteins with antimicrobial activity. source

Dang! As I said I have a feeling we have only begab to scratch the surface with what ai can do!

Exciting (?) times are coming?

Here's a link to the actual paper if you are in the mood to read something heavy -> click !

P.S. The post thumbnail was created with dall-e with a prompt that was suggested to me by chatgbt , "Create an image of a robotic arm holding a test tube with glowing, swirling AI-designed protein structures inside". Pretty cool right? 😂

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Yeah life as we know it is going to change big time.

this will all end up in some drama :D

People talk with gen therapy it is possible to heal asthma. Nobody is talking about it can also give people asthma.

In theory, it would be amazing to solve protein chains for everything.


That baby is smoking hot. Ha!

it's my wife with a baby from another man.



Sir, any link to dall-e? The result I have from google it does not work.

I use a private discord for sale dall e 😄

I'm hearing some positive as well as negative feedback about Chatgpt, some are talking it's a revolutionary technology, I myself think like that, some are saying, this technology will cut the jobs of many people working in the online field such as writers etc etc. We will see it in the future, how it will goes.

I bet freelancers are taking a strong beating already!

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Having seen what I've seen, I'm going to sign up for the university again. I have a degree in applied neuroscience pending.
Not! This answer was not written by an AI 🤣🤣

Lel 🤣

I thought now, what if AI in the future accumulates and processes all the information about humanity and nature. He will know the answer to any question. He will know the best options for the future. Asking an AI a question is like asking God a question.

plot twist trumpman is an AI ... a lazy one :)

we have only began to scratch the surface and by the end of the year I have a feeling ai will impact the world in ways we can't imagine


It's hard for us to see the moment we are in. Things seem the same from day to day and anything too much more advanced than yesterday seems like science fiction. But we are in an incredible moment right now. AI really does change everything and here we have the first hints of that.

I wouldn't go as far as saying things will be completely different by the end of 2023, but AI will have really started to change a lot of what we've taken for granted all our lives.

Exciting times! ...unless it kills us all. That would kind of be a bummer.

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It seems you're totally loving it, I won't refute the fact that the technology is game-changing. Your Title seems too serious for you to have written it hahaha.

Some people are saying that this technology will prove to be good in the future and some people are saying that it will not happen, now it will be known only then how the human uses this technology. The way the rest of the human mind works, nothing has been able to work in this way till date and will not be able to do so in the future.

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