A fish called Pearly (bedtime story)

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I wrote a bed time story today, figured to share it with you guys. Enjoy:

This is the story of a little pearl fish called Pearly. Like other pearl fishes, he is one ugly mother fucker. One day Pearly minded its own business on the ocean floor scrounging for food.

And then Pearly sensed danger.

And then he hid inside the ass of a by standing sea cucumber. It was warm and cozy.

And then Pearly invited his friends for a sleep over. And they had a blast.

The end.

Based on true events 😂 See video below

I stumbled upon this video today on YouTube, it was just too hilarious to keep it for myself.

I asked Chatgbt to write me a bedtime story too based on this funny scientific fact.

The result was hilarious

Once upon a time, deep in the ocean, there lived a pearlfish named Pearly. Pearly was a curious little fish who loved to explore new places and meet new creatures. One day, while swimming around a coral reef, Pearly noticed a sea cucumber nearby.

As Pearly swam closer, he realized that there was a small opening on the sea cucumber's body, and the sea cucumber seemed to be resting. Pearly was curious and decided to take a closer look. To his surprise, he found out that the opening was actually the anus of the sea cucumber.

Pearly was fascinated and decided to explore the inside of the sea cucumber's anus. He swam inside and found a cozy little cave-like space. Pearly was happy to have found a new hiding spot and decided to make it his home.

Days went by, and Pearly enjoyed his new home in the sea cucumber's anus. He found plenty of small creatures to eat and felt safe and protected from larger predators. The sea cucumber didn't seem to mind Pearly's presence, and they coexisted peacefully.

One day, a school of hungry barracudas appeared in the area, looking for their next meal. Pearly knew he had to hide and quickly swam back into the sea cucumber's anus. The sea cucumber sensed the danger and quickly closed up its anus, protecting Pearly from the barracudas.

After the danger had passed, Pearly emerged from the sea cucumber's anus and thanked it for its protection. Pearly realized that even though the sea cucumber may seem like an ordinary creature, it was actually a powerful protector and a valuable friend.

From that day on, Pearly continued to live in the sea cucumber's anus, grateful for its protection and companionship. And the sea cucumber continued to provide a safe and comfortable home for Pearly, happy to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend.

Which version do you prefer more? Mine or chatgbt? Don't worry, you won't break my heart. Let me know in the comments!

P.S.: For more info about pearlfishes and their intimate relationships with sea cucumbers visit https://ocean.si.edu/ocean-life/fish/pearlfish-sea-cucumber

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Gross, but also interesting. So the pearlfish gets a safe, albeit stinky, place. I wonder what the sea cucumber gets, besides the cheap thrill. Guess I better go read your link to find out!

It gets a fish in its ass. What's more to ask?

This has to be one of your best (one of the most peculiar, anyway). I was trying to pick out a line from the 'story' to copy but there was so many hilarious ones that I gave up.

Really, you outdid yourself here😆

Nature did. Not me

I pef your version (today I'll have wet dreams with this nightmare story lol).

Pef ?

'prefer' (sorry I'm dumb).

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What The Heck I just Saw!

Pretty sure after watching this you all ain't Gonna eat or take cucumber anyway. 😂😂😂 Too big to be true. !LOL

What's the difference between a well-dressed man and a tired dog?
The man wears an entire suit, the dog just pants.

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@trumpman, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @idksamad78699



:P come one in guys! plenty of room..

Guess the pearl fish likes chocolate starfish….

Wow, what a giant. Similar to a giant sea caterpillar.

@trumpman 🤣🤣🤣👍 I somehow couldn't decide, both versions of the tale are interesting

It's a very good story. Pearly actually reminds me of pearl !

Thanks for the laugh! 🤣

Why did the sea cucumber not put a sign saying Ass for rent?
Because, it's free for degens.

Your obviously.. 😲

Sea Cucumber Farts are some of the healthiest of all the Ocean Creatures. That is a smart fish living in the Sea Cucumbers Anus. Friends with Health Benefits!

I would prefer your version over chatgbt.