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RE: After almost 6 months, I have my PC parts

in STEMGeeks2 months ago

You have a fucking beast of a computer. Do you use it for design? For rendering? AMD's give optimal results in multi-core and I guess that's the kind of activities you'll be able to get your processor to work on.

And honestly, 32GB of RAM for the kind of activities I think you do I think is a bit short, don't you think you could have improved that aspect more? Today's programs increasingly consume a lot more RAM and I don't think you want your pc to freeze.

You could also post about your experience when you change your 1070 for the future RTX 3000


I use it for gaming, programming, and general work.
32GB is more than enough, 16GB would be fine but I do run virtual machines at time and sometimes a ram disk. I want to get back into doing some machine learning, which will be a bit more demanding, and will require a better GPU to save some time.

What an envy, congratulations on your amazing workstation :)