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RE: Python Libraries: Splinterlands SPS Auto-Staker v.1.2

in STEMGeeks5 months ago

I setup something similar to auto claim/stake for SPS and GLX. It also claims SPS Node rewards. I couldn't imagine clicking those buttons all the time.


I don't suppose you know how to claim accumulated SPS in the Tribeldex pools? I can't find any info about it, or find any API info.


I wrote something using Selenium (with Python) which is a library that can interact with webpages. The only problematic element is logging in reliably, and closing all the various pop-up windows that change each and every time there's a new feature.

Worth a go if you're learning new Python things.

I looked at this only yesterday, got the session popped open but then you have the issue of Keychain and being logged out. It looked more trouble than it was worth. I had even identified the <DIV section...

Using posting key to log in instead of keychain works well for getting around this. Using XPATH is probably more reliable than the div, too :)

I could dig up my old code for this, but I withdrew from liq pools quite some time ago, so my focus is just like yours, building that sweet, sweet, sps stake

I don't have anything in any of the pools, so no I don't. Have you check for any related custom json broadcasts after you do it manually?

I checked the BlockExplorers for HE and Hive and there was just nothing for that particular action. The Tribeldex/Dieselpool Rewards are not showing the SPS rewards, which makes me believe it's a spaghetti airdrop code somewhere on the SPL Backend.

I will have a look thanks, anything to give a clue on this. I asked in the discord dev area and got a lot of silence!

There are only a handful of people here on Hive that even do this. It's not unexpected.

I haven't looked in a few days. No API method then.


Those aren't really tribaldex rewards, so that answer was expected. It's a pure SPL-based reward system. But there has to be a json for it, because the webpage is using only the API itself.