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RE: The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

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For a while I was wondering why I’d get small votes from wanker in quick secession.

I remember first downvoting Stimiliti wiping out all votes on his comments. He cried bloody murder. He literally would use 9 or so bid bots to upvote all his comments that looked written by a four year old.

It became his mission to get revenge. He frequently messages anyone in conflict with enforcer, me, and a few others tips on how to impact is the most and disapproving messages when they do something he doesn’t approve of.

He has yet to give up despite having almost no stake.

For a bit he had a little moment of glory when coininstant delegated to his accounts.

His commitment is impression, he must work at Walmart or something.

I put him on mute a long time ago on chain and via Gina/Friday and stopped even knowing he exists.

Projects like these are great learning experiences.


It was a nostalgia trip going back to Steemit and dragging those comments out. I was barely a member of SFR when he turned up with those shitty propaganda posts of several sentences and no images.

I remember the bid-bot comment votes and had never seen anything like it before. 7 or 8 of them on a single post, and they kept coming.

Muting him is one idea but I always liked to see what he was doing. One comment on any of his accounts and it's bye-bye account. He could always comment here if he doesn't give a crap about his reputation status.

All those things you mention I also remember. Expect the votes to keep coming so long as he keeps being my free tester!

 11 months ago (edited)

If you want some fun, look through his transfer history.

Here's a taste:


I have seen a few of these during the past years. @enforcer48 has pointed them out on a few occasions. Funny that nobody seems to take any notice 😀

oh checking out transfers is quite the hoot.

Check out this one from @lasseehlers



 11 months ago 

I liked @nathanpieters’ response the best.

Kneel, peasant.

This sort of persistence when he's making bugger all seems a little manic. I see he's been active 'over there', but he wouldn't even see if I commented :)

Some people just won't accept when they are in the wrong.