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RE: Raspberry Pi Foundation Launches Pi 400

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You can solve this really easy. Buy a $40 weather balloon, and a cheap mobile phone, send it up with the camera streaming, you will have your answer within 2 hours.

Better yet, I'll give you 1,000 Hive for a really good picture of the edge of the Earth.


and a treat for you:

not sure its the right video where it hits something (dome?).. I dont have time... things are speeding up these days for lassecash...

but this video is worth watching:

^^ 100% quality music video with flat earth proofs inside the video.

Rest assure people will wake up with decentralized video services like LBRY/ODYSEE, its only a matter of time.

You had time to respond and throw in your remark that the Earth is flat, but not enough to actually prove to yourself it isn't for a few measly bucks.

How is Lassecash speeding up? There was less than $15 of volume in the last 24 hours.

Things are happening behind the scene, you are not in a position that I like to tell you more. Lets see how it works out :)

How is Lasse's Angels coming?


^^the program runs till next summer so there is hope... the lassesangels been sleeping for some time now :)

Thanks man, this gave me a big chuckle, I felt like Santa Claus for a second.

I see you are still trying to pump your own coin. How long can you keep that going?

LASSECASH will probably live longer then me, its the plan to migrate to SMTs or better tech at one point... we have the truth on our side... anyway I will give you a little more info, some local people got interested, I am not saying more.

Bye Marky.. you are good at the bottom, there is just very fare down hahaha

Surely you have lots of pictures of the edge of the Earth you could share.