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RE: After almost 6 months, I have my PC parts

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Oh I know what they are, but you don't put them in a "typical desktop" even a power user. They are usually used for very specific purpose built machines.


I wouldn't say that they are for only specific computer usage. Ther difference between a normal computer user and a threadripper owner is that I don't have to close applications to free up threads most of the time.. Can literally leave everything you are working on open, run multiple operating systems at once and still have power to perform tasks quickly.

All boils down to if you want your PC capable of multitasking without it bogging down.

Previously you needed dual CPU socket boards to get the sort of parallels computing power you can now on a single chip. Kind of mind blowing really.

EPYC 7763 is the server version of the chip linked above. Lower boost clocks but better caches.