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RE: A Look At STEMGeeks Tribe | Data on tokens issued, staked, top earners, activity

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Fantastic post on STEM, thanks so much @dalz.
If anyone has any questions about STEM or STEMGeeks, feel free to ask.


What is the return on miners STEMM and how much are needed to have acceptable variance in the rewards?

Last I checked miners were around 2 years. The variance isn’t as bad as it is the older contract, the newer tribes use a new contract that has some really funky distribution where you can go days without payout.

Last I checked miners were around 2 years.

So 50% ROI? Or you're talking about how long they have existed.

2-3 year break-even.

I have had 5 STEMM staked for over 5 months and have never "mined" a thing. Not even a fraction. I wasn't expecting to get rich but....I thought owning the miners was supposed to generate some sort of a return. I see below you say breakeven should be around 2 years. Since the miners cost 20 Hive each, that would imply I should have around 20 Hive worth of STEM by now, right? Or am I doing something wrong...

Yes, I was doing something wrong. I was looking in H-E for the payouts and they don't show up there. They DO, however, show up in the STEM front-end wallet. Sorry for the error.....

Is that a tool I can use somewhere? Or is that just for you behind the scenes?

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My tool found here


Awesome! Thank you! Of course I already have it bookmarked... lol Just can't remember what half my bookmarks actually do. Thanks again!

Looking forward for what's to come.

Best Tokenomics


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Do you have any specific links on the game being developed?

Informative :D

Sweet. Thanks!