Bootstrap 5 Alpha Released

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Bootstrap 5 Alpha was released a few weeks ago which offers some really cool features.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a set of scripts and CSS files for developers to rapidly build websites with a pleasing design without a lot of HTML experience.

Many developers are "not front end developers" but want to create a web interface for their app without hiring a web designer. For a while, you were able to quickly recognize Bootstrap sites as they all looked alike. This is changing rapidly as Bootstrap offers more and more features that allow developers to easily customize their design with little knowledge. There are also many paid and free themes coming out exclusively for Bootstrap.

What's new in Bootstrap 5?

One of the biggest features in Bootstrap 5 is the removal of JQuery. This drastically reduces the size of your site by removing the JQuery dependency. This means Bootstrap is now built with vanilla Javascript. Vanilla Javascript can be written more efficient and without the years of bloat JQuery has built up.
Bootstrap has used JQuery for more than 8 years, so this is a big move going forward.

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 support removed. This will allow Bootstrap to offer more functionality without the nearly dead Internet Explorer dragging it down with compatibility concerns.

Responsive font sizes are now the default in Bootstrap 5. This will simplify the development of reactive sites by automatically resizing fonts based on the screen size.

Bootstrap 5 improves the grid system and removes the requirement to use card decks in certain layouts. You are now able to use the grid system with improved responsive handling.

One of the most used components is the navigation bar which got some improvements in Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap 5 features a custom SVG icon library created by Mark Otto, the co-founder of Bootstrap. You can check out the icon library here

Bootstrap 5 moves from Jekyll static site generator to Hugo. Hugo is an optimized high-performance site generator written in Go.

If you want to check out Bootstrap 5, they have a dedicated page here

Remember, this is an alpha release and it is not recommended to use Bootstrap 5 on critical production projects. Initial testing has been very positive, but there are bound to be minor issues (and potentially major) along the way.

You can read more about the alpha release here

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making a website will be easier and fun with this .... goodbye JQuery


 2 years ago 

This is my favorite change, 5 isn't as big of a change as 4 was, but this will be a big deal.

Seems like GOlang is becoming more and more popular. I am not familiar with Hugo but it sounds interesting.

I wonder if there is going to be a hyuge push for peeps to learn GOlang. I have seen some other examples out in the wild. GO has grown a lot in the last couple years.

One of the biggest features in Bootstrap 5 is the removal of JQuery.

That's freaking YUGE. I was unaware of that. Thanks for the info.

 2 years ago 

Relevant section, popper.js is still used for tips. This will greatly reduce the bloat of Bootstrap as well as speed.