Examples of surface tension based on everyday life.

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Before I start questioning and explaining let's know surface tension a little bit.

SURFACE TENSION: When in school I met the word tension for the first time in a physics class,I took it wrongly. Lol tension means force also.In case of liquid we can say, molecules on surface of a liquid have very piacular feature i.e they always wanna come closer to each other. So the molecules on surface of a liquid always try to attract each other.This force of attraction is called surface tension.More precisely surface tension of water. Most of you are known to it.Yet to reach every reader I need to say some words at least.

✅ The most common question why does a drop of rain become round?

It's round because every molecule on the surface want to stick to each other and combined inter molecular attraction force make the shape of a drop of water round or approximately round.[source]

Why is kerosine spread over water near the shore of an ocean?

The kerosine can decrease surface tension of the water which helps die down the waves of water and thus danger can be avoided.[source]

Why do we use detergen to clean clothes?

Detergen in water reduces surface tension of water in a bucket. With less surface tension the water particle can reach every nook and corner and so the dirt in the clothes easily desolves in the water to make it clean.[source]

Why hot water with detergen is more effective to clean clothes?

Hotness of water also reduces its surface tension and so both detergent and hot water will be more effective to clean water. Use hot water if the material of your clothes can take heat otherwise your clothes will be misshaped 🤣look at her. She knows it very well..[source]

Why do we spread kerosine over stagnant water?

Kerosine over any water body reduces its surface tension.We know mosquitoes and other jerm or viruses can grow in stagnant water and when surface tension of that water is reduced the larva or eggs can not float any more on the water; it will sink and reproduction will be stopped soon.[source]

✅ My favourite one why do warm food taste good?

The answer lies in the surface tension of liquid. I mentioned earlier that hotness or warmness can reduce surface tension of liquid or water.The food we eat must contains huge amount of water or if food has no water we can make water inside our mouth with the help of our toung. Taste buds in toung are in different places of our toung. So to have a better test the ingrediant need to reach different part of our toung and when surface tension of water is less, the process of dissolving becomes faster and we can enjoy the good test of any food.

✅Another one why does dessert taste good while it is cold?

To taste a desert we need not wait to spread the flavour to all over our toung as sweet taste buds lies in the front of our toung. Hahah lol it's so funny.So when we it a dessert we can have its taste as soon as it touched our toung.Of course front part tastes it first.[source]

Why are the drops of mist on a leaf of a tree of round shaped?

The answer is the same. Here attraction force among molecules of a drop of water helps it not to spread over the leaf and that's why it gets round shaped. You must know one thing when shaped is round the bond becomes the strongest.[source]

Why do the waves made by drop of a water on water bodies make circular wave?

Here one molecule attract the others beside it.That's why the chain of wave can be seen.When every molecule perform the same duty ,the path of movement created by a drop of water makes a circular path.[source]

Why do a leaf of a tree float on the water?

The answer again is surface tension.It is not only a leaf even a needle can also float if it is kept slowly and carefully on water.[source]

There are numerous example of surface tension but I don't want to drag it farther.If you know any other examples of it , please make a comment. It will be appreciated.

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