The Science Is Settled BullShit

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I am sure you heard this one before: the science is settled.

Of course, it is usually spoken by some nitwit politician who has no clue about anything other than the agenda they are pushing.

In reality, science is never settled. That is the point of science. It is also why there are so few scientific laws. Most everything else is a theory, subject to adjustment as more evidence is presented. Science is a continual world of wonder.


The Scientific Method is meant to disprove all that went before. Our knowledge base is never complete. Throughout history, we see many examples of what was accepted as "fact" by the mainstream experts was later proven to be completely false.

Over the centuries, people were even killed for going against the narrative, only to be found correct later.

We are living in an era where it is only getting worse. Vaccinations, manmade climate change, and a host of other topics are now one sided discussions. There is no debate, no open inquiry into what people are espousing as true. Instead, the agenda is such that manmade global warming is a reality due to the excess emissions of CO2 through fossil fuel emissions. Could this be right? It might be yet without debate and investigation, how are we to know? Does it make sense to discount a host of other theories that are equally as valid such as reduction in sunspot activity and its impact upon the climate?

In this age, obviously it does, at least in the minds of those in charge. Science is now politics and only being on the correct side of the aisle matters anymore.

It is sad to see because it thrusts the world back into an age of ignorance. Leaving the Dark Ages was a blessing for humanity. However, we seem intent on moving back into the control state where morons run the show. Look at the leaders of any country and ask where they rank on the intelligence scale.

Does anyone think Joe Biden or Donald Trump have a clue about any scientific subject? How about Nancy Pelosi? Or the mainstream media?

Of course, what they do understand is funding. That is where the control enters. Stray from the plantation and the funding ceases.

Who knows, perhaps cryptocurrency will help to fill in the void. Maybe legitimate scientific research can be funded through crypto and honorable researchers in pursuit of true knowledge can follow their desires.

Because, as we all know, the science is never settled.

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