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RE: The Math Behind Compund Interest Really Adds Up

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That is one thing that I always loved about Steem and now Hive. The compounding effects at every level are always in operation. There are so many ways to get returns that it all keeps growing.

Start with a little, add a bit, have it grow, add some more.

Rinse and repeat.

Over time, which is the vital component to compounding, it starts to add up.

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Yesterday I was trying to calculate this because of DHEDGE drips. I didn't do the math but I came to the same conclusion as your posts aim.

It really does and snowballs pretty fast. You can come back to a good stack when a bull run hits.

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Yeah those who bailed during the bear will come to regret it when the bull hits.

They will come back and realize how much they missed out on.

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