Fundamental Membrane Models of Parallel Universes

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We have a vision for different theoretical developments on the fundamental membrane theories in the higher dimensional curved spacetime in the current issue of supermanifolds based on the superspaces plus their participation in the hyperspace of the multiverse, where swim, interact and live with extreme fundamental development of these membrane parallel universes. The deep relation between superstring theory and the higher dimensional supergravity provides a basis to conjecture the existence of a theory that similarly completes the supergravity constructions in the various fundamental membrane models. Indeed, it was long expected that fundamental membranes play a role analogous to the one that superstrings play in completing ten and eleven dimensional supergravities. This idea was further stimulated by the discovery that when compactifying eleven dimensional supergravity, wrapped membranes naturally turn into the fundamental superstrings of the types IIA and IIB superstring theories. While it has not actually proved possible to quantise fundamental membranes and derive eleven dimensional supergravity from them, it was argued via duality that there is a consistent theoretical completion of the higher-dimensional supergravities and that stable membranes are an important part of this exceptional theory.

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