STEMGeeks is now on Hive

in stemgeeks •  3 months ago 

Hive, we have arrived!

STEMGeeks is proudly only on Hive.

All token balances for STEM & STEMM from Steem-Engine have been mirrored on Hive-Engine. Any market orders have been transferred as unstaked tokens. You will need to recreate any orders you have for either token.

Any staked tokens arrived staked on Hive-Engine. If you were unstaking tokens, you will need to go in and restart the unstaking process.

You can now delegate STEM tokens!

Previously on Steem-Engine we did not allow delegations, we have enabled this functionality while migrating over to Hive-Engine. Delegation is only supported on the main STEM token.

The market for STEM & STEMM tokens on Steem-Engine have been disabled to prevent anyone from losing money on tokens without anything value behind them.

All future distribution will happen on Hive-Engine until SMT or a better solution is available.

I got some new plans for STEMGeeks now we are safe and secure on Hive. Follow @stemgeeks to keep up!

Got questions? Join our discord.

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Cool! A can start voting again without having to use stinc chain. One thing that I noticed is that if I vote on a post published before the transition via the operation is broadcasted to steem (which is logical) but it didn't cross my mind until I noticed that my voting power was not going down on hive.

I am logged in on both chains using keychain.

Anything that was posted on Steem will have to be voted on Steem. After about 7 days from the migration it won't be an issue anymore.