Potential Fix if you cannot upload images on STEMGeeks.net

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If you are having issues uploading images to STEMGeeks and get an error like this, try clearing your cookies & your cache.

If this doesn't work for you, and you still have an issue uploading images, hit F12 and click on console. Then try again and let me know any error you get.

I don't believe there are many having this problem, but I have had two come up to me and clearing the cache worked for one.

You can reach me in the STEMGeek's Discord.

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I'm a new user and had this issue, but thought it was from the format of my pics (HEIC) and once I converted them to jpeg, they uploaded fine. Although I also noticed that the jpeg's were smaller, so maybe it was a size issue?

 2 years ago 

The maximum image size is 6-8MB

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I didn't face any issues while uploading images. I was able to upload images smoothly. cheers

Thanks for sharing this helpful post if one come across the issue with upload. I will follow the same as suggested.