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RE: Python Libraries: 'Who Didn't Vote'

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I don't worry so much if people voted as long as their comments add value. Some of them are marginal as they just recite back some things I said or claim to worry about my health when running. The will get smaller votes, if any.

I know there are ways to build browser extensions that actually change the page you are looking at as I have played with some. It would be really cool if you could highlight people's comments in different colours according to whether they voted. That is next level shit though.

I may check out your code anyway. I may find things that could be improved. The Python data structures are so powerful, but you have to know what to expect.

It would be great to link together examples of Hive programming to make a useful reference. That's a project for someone to look at.


It's useable, some re-used code from RandomVoter. Have you tried Chat-GPT yet? If not.. then do it. Ask it to write code for you.. in English and it does. It feels like cheating, and doesn't work so well with BEEM stuff as it's not exactly mainstream.

AI technology is coming, and I got quite hooked on it today until it told me I was using it too much. Google will be staying for a while I guess...

I've not actually used ChatGPT yet. There seemed to be a waiting list when I tried. I did try the cat version. Apparently the 'AI' was used to create it.

When an app has access to everything that's out there it could be doing some cool stuff. We can only absorb tiny amounts of data with our brains. I'll have to look into this stuff though.

Seriously.. have a go, there's no wait for an account here.

This thing writes code for you.