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RE: The Anti-@stimialiti Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

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So really @stimialiti has done you a favour by encouraging you to learn some Python :) beem is pretty good once you figure it out. I use it for a few scripts and it was fun helping out with yours.

You know I don't care about the few cents he can remove, but it's worth it to piss him off. He could have done well on Hive, but he chose to be a dickhead. I guess he could have another account we don't know about, but we'd spot any transfers to the old ones.

I've always said that Hive is the wild west and renegades are part of that. Need vigilante scripts to deal with them.

Hive five!



I found BEEM hard work to start with. There are no examples dotted about on the internet, and GitHub's resource code repo is not in tune with what I was trying to do. Thanks for getting me started, I know you remember me getting quite frustrated with it to begin with.

I didn't mind helping out. I learnt something too. With these things it's largely a matter of knowing where to look stuff up. We need a wider selection of code examples to be available. I know you don't want to expose all your tricks with this though.

I don't feel he's a coder but he's certainly no dummy. I can tell by his diction.

Obviously fairly cunning to have done what he did, but this is way over the top as a reaction to our countermeasures. He just can't move on.

He just can't move on.

I hope not, I have enjoyed this project.

The way I learned to code stuff for Hive at the beginning was by reading code from Holger's GitHub repo. His code for is all on there, so I looked through it for examples. I also looked at code from others. For example, my @caturday.curator bot is based on emre's tagbot and the algorithm I use for evaluating posts is inspired by actifit's bot.

His code for is all on there

That's a good point. It will use the the same kind of calls, thanks.