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RE: Python Libraries: The Hive.Engine Token Monitor

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I'll be having a look at your code to get ideas. I'll see if it runs on Linux.

I tend to play around with scripts using Jupyter Notebook as I can easily tweak them. I can dump to a normal py file if it's stable. I'm using Visual Studio Code at work, but have tried Pycharm before.

Python has libraries for everything and the ones for Hive make it easy to do lots of things.

Have fun.


Holgor's libraries make use of hive.engine. I had to guess at what to use for my needs in this app. In the end it was quite simple. Writing a trading bot could be next, though I may keep that one closed-source.

Let me know if my code works for you.. interested!

I just needed to install the hiveengine library and comment out winsound for it to work. It's cross-platform!