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RE: User Input And Lists In Python

in STEMGeeks7 months ago

Lists are such a powerful feature in Python and it is made to so easy to process them in loops and other ways. Have to get used to some of the conventions such as the first item being zero and not one.

I started my programming with BASIC where you had to include the line numbers, but then we did not have proper editors and so we needed some way to define the order of the lines.

Good article. Have a !BEER


Hey @steevc yeah I agree I love working with them but might be missing out on some of the more powerful features of Python. I started with BASIC as well...must be why I am still adding in the line numbers when I display my code.

I do quite like list comprehensions. Can do some very compact scripts with that. It can be an issue giving up the habits from other languages when there may be better alternatives.


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