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RE: Close encounter with a superbug

in STEMGeekslast year

Oh this is not awesome to read while my gf has a uti. I’ll be trying my hardest to avoid mention it to her.

 last year 

Haha, she’ll be fine.

AND THEN @adamada’s comment!!! Good point, bad timing for me… all unnerving. My greatest solstice I knowing that she probably got it from the cat litter clay she mopped/LAMINATED the bathroom floor with.
Mop like that, let it sit for too long, walk around barefoot, and then bring those tainted feet into bed… super bug.
If it’s not the cause then I would guess that taking too many baths without rinsing off the bath water. I’ve also heard of women getting uti from bath salts.

 last year 

This may be tmi, but sometimes, having better sexual hygiene also help with UTI. That goes for both of you really.

My tmi… thanks for listening. Your tmi… nah your correct and sexual hygiene is a phrase not said enough.