Elgato Opened a Can of Worms ~ It May Be Time To finally upgrade the PC

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@w-splatts has been wanting to get into doing some live stream/Gameplay recording as of late. I mean if you are gonna get your game on might as well create some videos for other people to enjoy and possibly make a little $$ on the side. Well he had enough money saved up to buy an Elgato HD60 S+ capture card deleo. You plug the USB 3.0 into a PC, The HDMI that comes from the console/iPhone/iPad is plugged into the Elgato and passed through to the TV. The video coming from the Elgato to the PC is able to be viewed and recorded on the Elgato app or (from what I see most people use) OBS to record and setup live streaming.


Download a couple programs, plug in some cables and the Elgato is ready to go. Unfortunately my 10 year old PC just can’t handle OBS studio. The audio cuts in and out and my CPU% gets maxed out. When the CPU gets over 90% usage the sound cuts out. Not even live streaming, OBS is consuming around 85% CPU usage. I have no other programs running. I tried for hours messing with the audio settings trying to figure it out. The Elgato software wouldn’t even record. All drivers are up to date, I’m afraid she is just to old to run this software. The PC my brother in law built for me around 10 years ago just can’t quite make this happen. The old girl needs to be opened up and upgraded I think. I hope that’s all I need to do anyway. ...


He doesn’t game on this computer nor does anyone else. Actually it rarely gets used. But with @w-splatts wanting to record/live stream his game play it will get used a bit more. Which will be nice.

What’s Inside...

  • ASUS M5A79 Evo Motherboard
  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 processor 3,400mhz, 4 cores
  • 8 GB of Ram
  • AMD Radeon HD 6700 series
  • Creative SB X-fi
  • V8 Master Cooler
  • Samsung SSID (2019)
  • And some other random stuff that probably doesn’t matter

I’m not trying to build some fancy gaming PC or Crypto Mining rig. Yet if I am going to upgrades I want to make them worth it. At this point any upgrade is probably worth it. I guess what I am trying to say is I need the best bang for my buck to get this thing going. I could honestly be totally missing something, it’s been known to happen...

Here is the list of minimum requirements to run OBS

  • AMD FX series or Intel i5 2000-series processor (dual or 4-core preferable) or higher
  • DirectX 10 capable graphics card
  • At least 4 GB of RAM (recommended, but not necessary)

Now my Lineman senses tell me that I am not too far off but.... a Lineman is far from a computer guru... ya... I know just enough about this computer stuff to get me into trouble.

What are your recommendations?

Am I barking up the wrong tree?
Should I just bag it and look at getting a whole new PC?
upgrade a few key components?

Go easy on me...
Lineman’s Terms Layman’s Terms would be greatly appreciated.


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Who's that young lad in the picture mate? Too young and clean shaven to be @splatts.

That’s some punk kid trying to figure out his computer. He quickly realized a hammer and table saw don’t work too good for computer repair.

Hammers and computers are like coffee and donuts, pizza and garlic bread. Nice work. That little tacker clearly knows what he's doing! OK, so maybe hammers and computers aren't quite a match made in heaven.

Isn’t a hammer used to type on a keyboard??? I’m always on a phone so I don’t quite know the proper “keyboard etiquette”...

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Hammer + Keyboard = perfect match

 3 years ago 

At least 4 GB of RAM (recommended, but not necessary)

That's too little for these days.

I was questioning that also. I have slots for 2 more ram sticks. Maybe that’s a good place to start.🤔🤔

That video card could use a good upgrading. Its over 10 years old now. The CPU and RAM are probably fine.

Just hope newer video cards will work on that old motherboard.. sometimes you have to upgrade both.. which unfortunately means the CPU too.

Ya, she is pretty old. It was pretty bad ass back in its day.lol

The CPU is what is getting maxed out. Just playing the video on OBS maxes it out. Lol. My motherboard has the old AM3 CPU slot. Anything that fits that is old and I won’t be making any real leeway.

I’m thinking I might just be rebuilding the whole thing. Saving the case and a few things. Here is what I quickly came up with


The reason the CPU is probably maxing out is because that video card is not off boarding any of the cpu load..so the cpu is doing all the work. Normally a machine kind of balances the load between the two. When your video card is that old it cannot be used on OBS for encoding.

When you have a newer video card, and using OBS the video card does alot of the work.

If you can just buy a mid range video card and see if it works on the old PC it may make all the difference. If its incompatible just return it and then build a newer PC.. or save it for the new cpu and motherboard.

Looking at that link you only need 16GB of ram for gaming.

And that video card is not very powerful.. it would be the weakest link in that build and may struggle gaming and streaming/streaming recording A decent video card these days cost almost 400. A video card these days with 1GB VRAM is not enough. You want 8GB VRAM or more.

He plays on his switch.. so the PC isn’t really for gaming. Just wanted to record and eventually stream.
It was just a auto generated build by Newegg... honestly it’s like Chinese to me. lol.
Could it be that the Elgato plugs into the usb 3.0 on my mother board and that is why the gpu isn’t helping?
I talked to a guy at work and he seemed really puzzled why it was maxing out the CPU. He pretty good with PC stuff. Maybe I can have him come buy and have a look. That might be a good place to start.

Yeah in OBS there should be an option to use your video card. If it's not there then your video card is too old.

If hes just recording a webcam video and mic you dont need much. But if your gaming and recording its alot harder on the machine.

That elgato device may not be compatible with such an old machine. But hard to say.

I know the Elgato software isn’t LOL I will do a little more digging into OBS settings and see what’s up

OBS is the way to go, but as you pointed it out requires a decent amount of processing power.

I don't know how I didn't see this earlier...

gpu to old.PNG

That was from 2018!!!

yeah I was afraid of that.. see there are things called "instruction sets" and as new video cards come out they feature new ones. And if you have a very old video card it does not have these newer instruction sets that OBS relies on to render.

Hi. I've recently made a PC build before Halloween last year. The one I have would be too much as I use a 8 core Ryzen 3700X CPU along with 16GB RAM.

I think you would need to upgrade the motherboard and the CPU. Go with a 6 core CPU from Intel or AMD. No need to get the 10th gen Intel or the new AMD chips as you could go with previous gen CPU chips at lower prices.

The graphics card may need an upgrade. There is no need to buy a $1000 CAD graphics card. Do check for compatibility with the motherboard.

The RAM could be saved and maybe the PC case and cooler. Again, do check for compatibility.

PCPartPicker along with some Youtube videos has been helpful with researching PC builds, prices and such.

It is not known what the budget for the upgrades is. Is the currency in USD, CAD, AUD?

I was really hoping to not change out the motherboard as that may be a little out of my computer building league. If you know what I mean. Lol. USD is the currency.
I've been looking at some AMD CPU's that fit in the AM3 socket. They date clear back to 2011... Damn I am way behind. Lol. Maybe I will look and see what a budget build gaming PC runs on Newegg.com. I can save my case,hard drive, and disk drives and maybe my power supply.


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