Water cooled 9900k rig: Adding a VRM fan

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There was a small bracket that came with my motherboard, but I forgot about it during installation. Since then my temps for a certain module on the motherboard has been quite high. The unit that controls the voltage to many parts of the computer was getting very hot and limiting my overclock.


Upon learning this bracket is meant to hold a fan that cools the voltage regulator. I got to installing it to see if it would help rig.


I needed to attach a small fan to a metal bracket which I then attach to my motherboard. The fan plugs into one of the power headers of the motherboard.


I had a Sunon fan on hand, these have been a good brand to me so it was my first choice to cool down the VRM.


I screwed the bracket on and it was ready to be installed on the motherboard. This required me to remove a screw and to put it back in holding the bracket.


The smallest fan I have in this case. Most are 120mm so this little one is quite different than the others.


That silver thing is what I am cooling. Without the fan not enough air passes by it. Normally an air cooled CPU heatsink would help with that, but since my water block does not help it the VRM needs it's own cooler.


I got the machine powered up and the fan kicked on at full speed. Look at those RPMs it's really moving. I turned it down using the motherboards fan controller so it only kicks up high when the CPU is getting hot.

Right now I am trying to overclock further seeing if I can crank out a few hundred megahertz out of it. Maybe my AVX core speeds can be increased as the voltage regulator was holding me back previously.


The bigger the brain the more it needs air 😀

hehe so true, that thing gets hot!