Upgrading the fans on my main rig

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My main computer I use for gaming, video editing and mining has been getting a bit hot lately. Since I upgraded the video card inside to a RTX 3090 alot more heat is being produced. And I do not think my 120MM fans are up for the task. Luckily this case I have MSI Sekira 500P case supports 140MM fans. A total of four can be used, three in the front and one in the back.

The fans I picked were the "Bgears b-Blaster 140x38". A 5200RPM fan that can move 308 CFM. My old Sunon fan has the ability to move only 84 CFM so this is a huge upgrade. Question is, can I run it slow enough to not go deaf while I am in the room. From what I have seen in the reviews you should be able to run them at less than 50% duty so that would be great.

The size difference is significant, it will alow more airflow to be produced with less RPM.

The specs of my new fan. My old ones specs are 84CFM, 35 dBA, 6.8W and is 120MM in diameter.

I will be using two fan controllers, they are some cheap no name models that cost about $10 each. I have to use two as the amount of watts these four fans produce is too much for one. So I will split the load between the two.

With the old fan still installed we can see the larger holes in the case that are ready to support a 140MM fan.

My case is a MSI Sekira 500P, it has glass panels that are removable making the sides wide open to work on.

With the new exhaust fan installed the easy part is done. Now to work on the intake fans.

I noticed right away the width of these fans are much smaller, this will become an issue shortly.

Unscrewed them without much issue, leaving the front wide open.

Some how, some way I cut my hand open. Every time I spend a significant amount of time working on machinery I always get some mystery cut. Now if I can keep my fingers out of the spinning fans I should be okay.

Comparing the two fans, we can see how the new ones are thicker. The screws that attach the stock fans to the case are too short.

Due to the screw depth not being enough, the job got alot harder. I had to install the fans with screws from the inside. And the case was not designed for this, nor were my big hands. But I got the first one in without too much issue.

Theres enough meat holding them in place installed this way, just really hard to get tools in there.

After installing the first fan I attempt to put the front case plate on, and sure enough it does not fit anymore.

Some of the screw spots I had to use a manual screw driver as my electric screw driver would not fit.

One of the screws got really stripped, probably never coming out. Its okay I got it tight enough.

As I put each fan in place, I placed the tucked the extra wire up top. This made a gap on each and by the time I got to the last fan the bottom screws would not fit the panel. So time to get even more creative.

I cannot tell you how many times zip ties have saved a project of mine. Well they did it again! A few spots I could not get to unless I pulled out the hard drive cage. So I just went the easy route and attached the fans to each other.

The two bottom holes were ziptied as well. And with no front plate its easy to use the old holes for zip tie loops. Though when I get my fan guards I may need to redo them.

With all four fans installed, I routed the wires through the case and brought them to the controllers.

Will need to buy some 140MM fan guards so my fingers dont get bit.

It all works, though the controllers suck. They only spin up the fans when the controller is at full power, and the adjustments made without causing the fans to stall is tiny. I may buy some better controllers.

Here is a picture of my thermometer that reads external temperatures, ignore the top temp as thats ambient temperature in the room.

A sensor is attached to the back of the computer case, reading the exhaust temp.

Before and after temps:

Before (120MM x 4):

GPU: 61C (142F)
CPU: 54C (129F)
Water: 32C (89F)
Exhaust: 33C (93F)

After (140MM x 4):

GPU: 54C (129F)
CPU: 59C (138F)
Water: 36C (97F)
Exhaust: 25C (77F)

Note that the before temps were taken when my office was much colder inside, as the day went on the room heated up. And by the time I tested my after temps my room went from a chilly 64F to a slightly warmer 70F. So that would explain why the Water and CPU temps are higher on the after readings. I will need to wait for another cold morning and take readings again. None the less, the my Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 is running 7C cooler and my exhaust temps are now 8C cooler. May be even a bigger difference when I can test again in the early morning before my rigs have a chance to heat up the rooms.

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Wow I was at first kind of laughing and then I realized that this is just like working on a car.

Sometimes you have to get creative and sometimes you just have to accept the damage that has been done. Sometimes screws get stripped.

Anyway I really can't wait to have a phenomenal computer so I can play this [email protected] game.

Hehe yeah, those cars always gets my knuckles busted and they bleed like crazy.

Nice man, well hope you get one.

This post, right up my alley. I have a simply HP slim-line desktop that needs a fan. WILL DO IT MYSELF.. with help from videos.

When it comes to brand name computers and not clones like mine it may be harder than you think. They build them to be hard to repair.

I guess give it a try though.

thanks video was hard for a non factory fan.. BUT i JUST ORDERED the same fan so should be easy. Thanks @solominer

Hey thats kinda cool. I have installed a few fans on cases that were overheating a little but never to the extent of this. Makes me really want a 3090 and wonder when it will be possible to buy a video card again!

Hehe yeah my video card consumes 350W alone, there is also a high end processor in the machine so it tends to get hot.

I was lucky to know someone that works at nvidia where they could order one for me.


"Out of Stock" across zee board! :(

Yup.. if it was not for my friend I would not have one.

I've been toying with the idea of building a new rig from the ground up for multiple purposes and remembered how noisy some high power systems can be.
I haven't owned a desktop PC in the last 10 years and was wondering if these fans are quieter these days?
Just curious. Thanks 👍

An average build will be not as loud as you think:

But you can spend more to make it near silent!

I just use headphones!

It all depends on how slow you can run the fans without stalling them. Mine can go down to about 47% which is alot more quiet compared to them at full speed.

Whoa.... hahaha... 🤣😁😂
That went over my head!

Basically, computer gets hot.. added more and bigger fans to get better air flow. Problem solved.

Do you use it for mining?

"Cool" project

Hehe nice....

Yay for zipties! :) nice macgyvering. my fans were getting loud on my PC when I lived in philippines. i took off the sides and that did the trick. (i know dust can get in, but so far it's ok) not that u need it here, but have u ever tried liquid cooling?

Oh cool well glad you fixed them. The fans were probably getting blocked by the case or something.

Yep my CPU is water cooled. It has a three fan radiator

Building your own rig often requires a blood sacrifice. It must not have been sufficient the first time around...

Blood God 01.gif

Haha, that's the secret to a high powered rig. Blood is required.

This is a monster :D Well done!

Hah thanks man!

It's not a legal upgrade unless you somehow find a way to mysteriously cut your hand!

Was it quieter with bigger fans moving more air?

Haha so true but hopefully that won't happen.

Yeah when running at half speed they indeed are more quiet and still very effective.

Theoretically they should cool down the rig tough. You are correct checkout in morning.

PS - It must be so hard, Fixing your rig but also you have to take pics for the hive post LOL. Just joking bro

Haha.. I have been building and fixing rigs for a long time now. So taking pictures is not so bad. :P

Good computer, you should play newer games on this,

what do you mine by the way?

Yep I do, I play a mix of both..

I mine ravencoin and monero.

Though RVN halved and it's not as profitable as it was.