Got myself a thermal camera

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I have wanted to get myself one of these tools for a long time now. Many times needing something like this but did not have it at the time. Finally I made a purchase of around $300 for a FLIR pocket camera. I have not had a chance to play around with it. But looking forward to all of its uses. Though I did bring it out to get a preliminary look at it. We check out its carrying case, the body of the camera and turn it on to take a look at its cameras.

Sometimes I find myself checking the temperature of computer parts, car parts or other projects with an infrared thermometer tool. Its worked great but its nice to be able to visualize the heat or lack there of.

The bag this camera comes in is quite nice, it has the FLIR logo on the front and made of a thick canvas material.

Its backside has straps to attach to a belt, backpack or other place. Quite the nice bag for this tool.

We take the camera out of its bag and it has two image sensors on it. This gives a superimposed image of the two spectrums, thermal heat and visual light.

The thermal camera's glass is made using Germanium crystal, this allows thermal infrared through unlike Silica glass.

I turn on the camera and it takes minute to boot up.

Right away I can see how the visual light camera adds more details to the image. I can see the grid pattern on the table mat I am using.

Looking at the box it came in, it shows off the visual light features to give a better look at things you want an heat reading on.

This product is the FLIR CX-Series, you can find them on Amazon. Though you can also buy them on Ebay or other online stores. I got myself a new one but you can also buy them used.

Next up with this camera is to check on some old doors and windows in the house, I think due to their warped frames we are getting alot of heat escaping. So this tool will be up for the task of investigating that. Also looking forward to checking out my miners and where the heat is building up.

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I believe FLIR is coming to mobile phones soon.

They are already out, you can find them on amazon. I was considering buying one that hooks up to the USB of the phone, but decided to go with a stand alone unit.

There are add-ons, but I'm talking native to like an iPhone or Google Android phone, in a few years they will likely be added to a few of them.

Cool!!! Hahaha... another toy!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hah yeah glad to finally get one, and to share what I find with it with Hive.

You too! Hope you had a good one.

Now you have me wanting. I totally need to scan my doors and windows, our house is so old I can see gaps but this would quantify the loss far better. Bet it would pay for itself in a couple years on lessened heating costs.

Hah nice, yeah I think you are right. Finding all the cracks in the windows and doors once I patch them up I will save alot on our heating bill and basically pay off this device.

Any idea how the phone versions stack up? If it has the same sensors I would think it should be pretty comperable.

Yes new toy Solo!!

Looks like it is rather sturdily built too. Should be some fun finding uses for that and I am looking to hearing about it in the weeks to come.

Find some fun stuff to do so we all want to get one!

It does seem well built, but I plan on keeping it in its carrying case mostly.

Yeah I will document my findings about the windows and doors and make another post.

Love Your Christmas Avatar!!

hehe thanks.. one of my Hive Punks.

This is so cool! I learned so much in just a day of reading post here in Hive. Earlier I learned about blue hour and now a thermal camera to check if heart's escaping! Should be reading more.

Very nice, glad you are finding alot of posts informative on here.

Those Flir cameras are bad ass!! We have on at work… I’m gonna say it’s a pretty high-end model since one of our brainiac engineers was involved. We use it to look for bad connections on the powerlines. Like in substations and what not. A bad connection will generate excessive heat (you know that😉) and eventually fail when loaded up with a bunch of amps.

Have fun!!!

Oh sweet, yeah I bet they are quite useful in your line of work. I plan on checking my wiring as well, maybe I can find some lose wires on light switches and outlets due to the heat as well.

Oh man, please tell me you're going to do a post wherein you scan over some of your hives with this! I've always wondered what a beehive would look like under thermal imaging (we had bees growing up so I had a lot of time to ponder things like that).

Oh good idea! Well its a little too cold right now to open the hive but I will keep that in mind for when I can.

That would be awesome! Hopefully this spring / early summer!

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Wow! It's really awesome, am just learning about a thermocamera for the first time.

thanks alot, yeah it is pretty cool. Going to do some follow up posts about it soon.

I can't wait to see your next post about it.