Got myself a radiation dosimeter

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This little device can detect ionizing radiation such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-ray radiation. I got one just in case I ever need it. I sure hope not, but I think its a good idea to buy one and keep handy if and when you ever need to check something. You can check water, food, materials or the general environment with this tool. Checking for that is otherwise completely invisible.

I am quite fortunate to not need to be checking for radiation in my food items on a regular basis. Though in some parts of the world this is routine and it something important to have to make sure you stay healthy.

This tool comes in a nice carrying case to protect it when not in use. Its important to be careful of the devices radiation port where readings are taken. If it gets filled with junk or pieces of radioactive particles it will give off false readings. So taking it out of its case only when needed is a good idea and keeping it protected at all other times.

The United States has had multiple incidents where radiation got leaked into the environment. And you never know when it may happen again. So I figured buying one now is a good idea, and then I have one if ever needed. As I have a feeling if I tried to get one during a distater I may not be able to get my hands on one. Or it would be heavily marked up in price.

This GQ GMC-600 Plus device is a little higher end than others, as it can detect Alpha radiation. Most of the budget detectors cannot. So I decided to spend a little more and get a device that can detect more radiation rather than less. It cost me a little over $300 for it on Amazon. And it works, tested some radioactive items I own.

I plan on doing a follow up post on this showing off it checking different sources of radiation. I own some uranophane, uranium glass and a few other emitting sources. So we will check those out in a future post.

The device comes with a nuclear radiation safety guide, showing what levels are considered dangerous. Though exposure time is not shown so you need to use your own discretion.

In the basement recording this video the readings are at a "Normal background" probably due to me living on the East coast where radon gas can be an issue. I have never checked the basement before, but its possible that is why its reading around 0.127 uSv/H which is on the higher side of the normal background radiation.

Looking at the manual, there's alot of customization that can be done. I plan on changing it from the primary display of counts per second (CPS) to micro-Sieverts/hour (uSv/H) as its a more commonly used reference.

I need to take some time and really read it over, such a tool requires proper use and this means reading the manual. So by the time I make my next video it should be all set up and ready to do some detection.

YouTube Video Link below:

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Got any thoriated welding rods to see if it works? XD

I own one of the super basic hobby grade dosimeters that only picks up alpha, but it's still amusing. I actually enjoy the tick/clicks it makes

I do have some welding rods, not sure if they are the thoriated kind but I will check.. good idea

Oh cool, you probably mean it just picks up gamma.. Alpha detectors are higher end. Hehe yeah the noises it makes reminds me from all those movies.

Yep, you are correct and I must have been misremembering!

I live on the East Coast and had ne er heard of radon before I had a house built. I ended up getting it mitigated.

I never even knew. I tested it as a joke. Joke was on me. Im interested to see a little more on the dosimeter

Yeah this was news to me as well when I moved here. Most of my basement is finished so I need to find a bare spot around to take some readings. Will do a post on it for sure.

It can be really bad, check out this map.. Around where I live it can be a real issue.

It was news to me and I was born and raised in Connecticut come where it was never an issue when I was growing up. When I settled in the Washington DC metro area oh, I was shocked that's so many houses that I went to had the mitigators. I had no idea what they were for but asked. Hindsight I don't think I should have had to ask when I built my house oh, I would have thought that because it was so prevalent in the area that the Builder would have been responsible to check it or at least mention it somewhere. It was in speaking to someone oh, an innocent conversation with a stranger in a store. I borrowed a major from somebody and went into my finished lower level, which is another term they use as if it's not really a basement. I went down there and started taking different readings at different places and found one place that actually was borderline, almost didn't register oh, but the point is it did. So I had a company come in and it was really much cheaper than I ever expected. So now, I too, have a mitigation system. Thanks so much for bringing this up because I honestly think there are people out there to have no idea that this is a problem.

I.never heard of this gadget before, and was wondering during how could it be useful,but u said it all.

You can check water, food, materials or the general environment with this tool. Checking for that is otherwise completely invisible.

This kind of device is not so popular. Very rare to see it in any home. Waiting g for your next video to see how it can used effectivelly

Yeah it can surely help you protect yourself from irradiated food and such.

Normally you find them in areas with such issues...Will do

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Great Post.

I Really want to see more on this device.

Missed the upvote window. So sent a hive tip.

Thanks, will be doing more posts with it. So stay tuned, and appreciate the tip.