Python Libraries: Those Follower Non-Recipients, Such Disrespect, The Shame of it!

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One of the things I miss about STEEM is and the ability the user had to check if an account you were interrogating was following you by hovering over it.

I remember several situations where it was a case of, 'Ohhh, that big account is following me', and then others which were something along the lines of, 'That twat..., I have been voting for him for months and he doesn't even follow me'. is missing this feature. was a dapp on the STEEM blockchain which has now ceased to be and disappeared sometime around the STEEM/HIVE fork which occurred in March 2020.

...', missed for other things as well as what I mention here'...

Another feature of was the breakdown of your account which was dependent on your voting power. When I was a little tiddler it motivated me to power up to try and attain the next level.

I made Minnow III but wanted Minnow II and then Minnow I. These badges have now sadly vanished and supports neither the motivation tiers nor the ability to check those disrespectful bastards who you follow that don't reciprocate.

I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to throw together a Python script to data gather the HIVE users you follow and then cross-reference them for reciprocation.

It took me a little longer than usual, and once again gained me a little more knowledge in this great scripting language which for me was relativity easy to pick up on (after some teething problems).


ATTENTION: Before I go any further, this is all tongue-in-cheek, and you should never expect anyone to perform a follow-for-follow. Many of the accounts that don’t reciprocate your follow may be witnesses (they tend to follow other witnesses only), whales (if one follows you then count yourself blessed) or dapp-based accounts (eg.. @splinterlands, they don't follow anyone).


I am also a choosy bastard in who I follow and keep my follow count low as I do perform manual curation daily. Follow too many and you tend to miss things.

I will show some parts of the script, but as this one is quite long will not post it all here. When I figure out how to use the GitHub UI (I have been told there is one), it will be added to my personal repository.

Getting the followers and followed is easy and involves a couple of methods provided once again with the Beem Account class.

myaccount = "slobberchops"
sAccount = Account(myaccount)
sFollowers = sAccount.get_followers()
sFollowing = sAccount.get_following()

Both methods return lists that can then be cross-referenced with this function (below) that adds those ever so terrible HIVERs to the sShamed list.

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Function: getdisrespectfulhivers (sFollowing, sFollowers)
# Get those disrespecful HIVER's!
# Returns a List sShamed
# ---------------------------------------------------------
def getdisrespectfulhivers(sFollowers, sFollowing):

    sShamed = []
    for sDisrespecter in sFollowing:
        if not sDisrespecter in str(sFollowers):

    return sShamed

I had more problems displaying the data using 5 accounts per line than anything else. I'm sure there's a more elegant way of doing this besides using counters. That's my way of making things work, and it does!

# ---------------------------------------------------------
# Function: showresults(fishtype, acchivepower)
# Shows result data based on comparative VP of the shamed
# ones and if your worthyness of being followed by them
# ---------------------------------------------------------
def showresults(fishtype, acchivepower):

print(f'You.., {myaccount} are a {fishtype} with {acchivepower} to your name')
print(f'These HIVE People dont follow you, but you follow them, the shame!')

linecounter = 1

for sShamedone in sShamed:
    sAccount = Account(sShamedone)
    acchivepower = gettokenpower(sAccount)
    fishtype = fishlevel(acchivepower)

    if (linecounter < 5):
        print(f'@{sShamedone}',end=", ")
    linecounter +=1
    if linecounter > 5:
        linecounter = 1

print ()
print(f'{len(sShamed)} of the {iFollowers} users you are following are ignoring you, sheesh.. thats terrible')

fishtype and acchivepower are calculated in other routines and used sparingly in this script.

I follow less than 300 people but I know some follow thousands. I had to add the line spacing code so it would be readable and would not simply scroll up the screen when the code was running.


It's been a while since I have seen something like this which shows data and I can encourage anyone to drop me a comment and ask who is showing them disrespect!

@abh12345 used to do this years ago, on STEEM but with fancy graphs and offers to other STEEM people to show their own data. I can't show you the graphs, but can respond in a comment and show you who is not reciprocating your generosity, kindness and support.

myaccount = "slobberchops"
sAccount = Account(myaccount)

Please feel free to request I change this line, add your name, run the script and respond with your own data. This is all for a laugh, some fun and not to be taken seriously.

Before I finish this, I will tag @jarvie and @asgarth requesting they add the facility to see if someone is following you (by hovering over an account) and to add those incentive accounts level tiers to


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I'll have a chat with Owdgibber and tell him to mend his ways.

He's a bit of a stick in the mud though, so he might not listen.

The disrespect.., I have no words 😀

HiveBuzz has level reward badges. You can see those in PeakD. I think I am a dolphin now, not that it really means anything anymore. It seems whatever level I newly attain it is considered the new minnow. Didn't Busy calculate your upvote based on the staked power that your followers had? I am guessing that is why they offered that ability.

It does have fish sizes, but I miss the I, II and III breakdowns of the fish. It was attainable to move up sub-levels and busy encouraged it. It could easily be added to peakd. I need to get their attention.

Didn't Busy calculate your upvote based on the staked power that your followers had? I am guessing that is why they offered that ability.

Yes, and for me that was super annoying as I was late on the scene. It was actually the cumulative VP of your followers.., why did they do that?

Ah, okay. That makes sense about the sub levels. I am not sure why they did that. Probably a way for a small group of people to make a larger amount of money. Isn't that usually what it always is!

Hmmm do you follow me? I can't tell, you're right?! I've been following you for ages tho

I don't believe I do, and as nobody else has asked.., I may as well run this for your account.


Hi Sirrr... just checking in with you. Hope you are well my friend. I am trying to get back into Hive after taking a long time off. I would love some insight in how other hivers make it to the top and earn high reputation. That's one of my hive goals as well as making a network of friends I can leverage to explore business ventures together.

There's two ways, one is to buy a lot of HIVE, power it up.. that will get you attention, but unfortunately the wrong type. The other way is easy... be different.

Look at what I do and what @meesterboom writes. There's a reason why we do well, and it's down to those two words.

Yea true I sold over 100k Hive to pay health bills. That's how I got a lot of followers before hahaha

I got an idea. If I buy 2k Hive in the next week will you follow me and also if I get to 10k hive will you auto follow vote trail me? whatever you call it? I will do the same with the vote trail ;) I'm a nice guy, just looking to earn some trusted auto votes to increase my blog. Check it out I try to put some effort in my post and not spam. Nice meeting you by the way my name is Andrew

I have some work to do. How can I earn your respected follow sir

Ooo oooo ooo, can I see this? Who disrepec me?!! I have a low number of people I follow so I don't miss things but it is still quite high and sometimes I miss things. Like this! I could do with trimming it. It is that old dillema though of when you don't have enough in your feed and you follow more then you have too much etc etc

I was slightly disappointed more didn't ask me to run this. You have more respect than me!


Cheers for this! I was surprised too! At the lack of requests.

It's quite useful because I have spotted three or four that are getting punted. The rest are ok or people I have followed for the drama, lol!

I punted just one off, I prune it quite regularly for deserters.. re-adding if they make a comeback. I have some drama ones too heh..

You have to have the drama ones.

I do a little pruning now and then myself. It's quite funny when you bin someone who is following you and they instantly bin you back, lol

It's quite funny when you bin someone who is following you and they instantly bin you back, lol

I miss Gina, and can't see this stuff now. What are you using as a replacement?

I am using the Friday thing by deathwing. It's good for replies but I defo miss Gina too. I had a lot of users set up to notify me when they posted and I keep missing stuff. You using Friday?

You using Friday?

No, I have heard of it though.

Any specific reason why you miss Gina?

or just sentimental? :)

Cool stuff. There's so much you can do with all the blockchain data. It may be possible to write a browser plugin that adds info to the peakd page, but I have no idea how to do that. I just remembered there was one that showed if someone was on the HW naughty list or other blacklists. Was that by Marky?

I have some other stuff I want to code up some time. Just have to fit it around actual work and other stuff.


I just remembered there was one that showed if someone was on the HW naughty list or other blacklists. Was that by Marky?

I do remember that, possibly the STEEM days. That was years ago now but seems like yesterday!

I have some other stuff I want to code up some time.

The idea of this floated into my head today. Its wasn't too hard to drum out the code. So long as I learn something new and build my library I feel its worth it.

Hahaha you are even nosier than I thought chops! And nerdier (i mean this in a good way)..python is too much for this nurse to understand !

But I loved as well as it had some good features in there as well. Honestly i know peakd als has a lot of features but I can find a nice scroll modus. Ecency brings me this easier for some reason

I look at many things, especially peeps who I vote for. They might be doing outrageous things such as promoting Blurt, you just never know!

Hahahahaha you never know! ;)

Love your variables. haha. I remember Busy. I used it as my default because they gave you a few cent upvote for posting with them if you added their tag in the bad old days where I was delighted getting 10 cent for a post. .

I think everyone did. There was an option to donate 5% of your stash to them via a tick box. Did anyone ever tick it? 😀

Well they might be still around if we did 🤣

What a cool script, I should really get my arse in gear and do some playing with python.
I know peakd does not have this feature, but ecency might.

I use Ecency only when mobile, it takes some getting used to.

Ah I flip between peakd and ecency as quite often I get logged out of peakd and it is bit of a pain.
But yes if you are not used to something, keep to what works. Glad to see hiq.magazine on the top row of your list as I am responsible for the final translation into English now:)

Glad to see hiq.magazine on the top row of your list as I am responsible for the final translation into English now:)

Did they ask you? Great that you are involved in all that.

During their hivefest presentation smooms asked for help in his presentation, so I messaged them and have been doing in since then. I had never even heard of it before, so now try to promote it wherever I can.


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@steevc(5/5) tipped @slobberchops (x1)

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Excellent 👏👏👏, very nice post, congratulations and greetings 🙋🙋

Excelente post hermano, muy interesante aunque hay varias cosas que no logro entender bien del todo

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Just an observation, but comments like these would be much more useful if they included what community guideline wasn't being followed. As it is, it comes across as insulting spam like "your post isn't good enough for our community but please delegate to us and give us hive" and I'm sure that is not the intent.