How To Revolutionalize Video-viewing

in STEMGeeks2 years ago

The problem

Let's consider a video of a music concert. Right now, whatever the editor of that video wishes, that's how we see it. Why's that wrong? Because we weren't meant to be a tamed horse that only sees what it's let to see. When that happens, when we watch a normal video these days, internally without knowing it, we feel our freedom is restricted. You feel uncomfortable, like breaking free.

I don't think we absorb a material best in this manner. I think there needs to be a way in which we can view an event that the video captures from whichever angle we wish, or focus at whatever specific point we want (eg: only the guitarist, only the drummer etc.)


Because that's how you'd be in real life. Where do we enjoy more? In a real concert, or watching a highly-edited video of that concert? Why do we enjoy more in a real concert? Because there's freedom for our ever-curious mind to flow its attention where it wants it to.
The moment you have freedom in deciding how you want to see it, you'll be immersed and involved.

The solution

I think multiple cameras should be placed at possible points of interest. In case of a concert: on each member of the band, on the crowd from the viewpoint of the stage, a camera in 1st person view from among the crowd, drone cam and I'm sure you can come up with many more that you'll write down in the comments section. ;)

Then, platforms like 3Speak can have an option where the viewer themselves are the camera-assigning operators (you know, the ones who decide which camera is active in a live video) who can switch between the different camera modes, maybe, by just pressing some hotkey like Up Arrow & Down Arrow (volume can be changed to + and -) in PC and in smartphones etc., again, you'll come up with ideas right? Fill up that comment section baby.

Maybe someday it'll be possible to just click at a certain point in the video and it'll change the view to that point.

The inspiration

I came up with this idea right after I was done watching a video of J. Krishnamurti. You gotta listen to him, he'll open up your brain.