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A simple definition of building is a structure having a rooftop, anything related to this is a building, just think of it, your dog house, your car park , switch yard e.t.c are all buildings. In my last academic semester I did a course titled " Electrical drafting and design" , in the course of study I can across different types of names of buildings,for sure I have seen most of the building but don't know the names they were called.
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Knowing the name of your building Is a big advantage if you are about to sell or buy a building,it will aid easy communication with your client, also it helps in emergency situation ( when a bad occurrence is happening you can easily describe the type of building being affected). Below I will be sharing some types of building with their pictures.


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It is a large building divided into various apartments. It can be a bungalow (one floor), duplex( two floors), triplex (three floors) and many more. It is one of the best economical building type but has some disadvantages like; no or little privacy, noise, conflict with neighbors, limited space, parking space issues,slow decision making e.t.c


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Are big houses built in a row separated by a wall in a uniform manner having more than two apartments, it is also know as a row house. It is mostly found in the UK . Each apartment has similar accessories/equipment. It also has disadvantages of noise and privacy but tends to have higher security since a lot of people will be residing there,it has a larger space as compared to block of flats which makes it an advantage.


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As the name implies, a semi detached building is a building that is almost fully detached. It share just a wall with the next apartment. It is similar to the terrace building but in the semi detached building we have only two apartments. It is most commonly in two floors or three floors. There is better privacy and less noise here.


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It is a stand alone building with no other building attached to it. It is a building for one apartment.To some extent it is the best building because there is room for privacy, no noise but being expensive makes it a disadvantage.

These are just a few to mention.You can make some additions in the comments section and also share with us the type of house you live. Thanks for visiting your support will be highly appreciated.

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Maybe, when I am buying my house, I'll buy the fully detached house. What do you think? 😁

That will be the best for you. You will have your privacy and minimal noise.