Citizen Science Episode 3

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In this new episode of Citizen Science on Hive @lemouth introduce us to detector effects and event reconstruction.


All the steps including links to previous episodes can be found in his post:

The first task of this episode consisted in the installation of a new tool: MadAnalysis 5

The command to use was:

git clone

It worked fine for me:


But when i wanted to launch the tool with:

cd madanalysis5

I had an error message about python:

erreur python.jpg

I should mention that my Ubuntu is running in Virtualbox and it asked me to update when it was launched for this session. I did restart, and python3 also updated, but it doesn't seem to be accessible anymore. I have done a lot of research for this problem and will save you all the unsuccessful attempts to solve it. So I give the solution that allowed me to remove this error message and to be able to launch Ma5:

sudo apt install python-is-python3


I give the source where i found the solution:

So I was able to continue in the task:



Pdflatex and Latex where missing, i tried to install them using the link provided by @lemouth but for some reason it didn't work.
So i did another research and i found a solution here:
and I installed the full version:


And it worked fine:


For the task 2 of this episode I had to install 2 more packages:

ma5>install zlib

(this one was already installed during my tests to solve Python problem)

ma5>install fastjet


So we are now ready for Task 3: Top-antitop simulations

I started Ma5 as described:

./bin/ma5 -R madanalysis/input/ATLAS_default.ma5

and the following commands:

import <path-to-our-events>
set main.outputfile = myevents.lhe.gz

I had some problems again to enter the path correctly but i did it:



We are now on the last task "Some physics - task 4"

I restarted Ma5


and I entered the following commands:

ma5> import ANALYSIS_0/Output/SAF/_defaultset/lheEvents0_0/myevents.lhe.gz as ttbar
ma5> set ttbar.xsection = 505.491
ma5> plot NAPID
ma5> submit



The reward is this beautiful graphic that you get when you enter:




I had some problems, probably related to my lack of practice with Linux, but nothing insurmountable, I progress and I usually find the solution by using a search engine with the right keywords.

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I am sorry to read that you had issues with python and texlive. System issues are always unpredictable… Note that this is the first time I see the python issue, and I could not have warned you at all here. I am however happy you managed to solve everything through searches online. At least, now, if others have issues I will now refer to your post ^^

I take also the opportunity to tag @gentleshaid here, as I know he has issues with entering the path to the event sample. Here, it is better to enter the full path to the events, as you did.

I actually like to solve problems so it's ok for me :)

Ahaha! You can count on me for extra challenges, sooner or later. ^^

Great! Thanks to your report I hope not to have the same problems when preparing my calculations! It looks like doing something new is never a straight forward task...

If it was too easy it would lose some of its interest.


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