September 10, 2021. Zinc Deficiency is Associated with COVID-19 Infection, its Complications and Prolonged Hospital Stay

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This following article-abstract, article-fulltext is a prospective article that compared the zinc concentration in plasma of patients with COVID-19 and healthy controls. Within the patients with COVID-19 it compared the complications and length of hospital stay of the patients who were zinc deficiency versus the ones who were not.

The patients with COVID-19 had lower average zinc concentrations than the healthy controls. The difference was statistically significant. The COVID-19 patients who were zinc deficient had more complications and had longer hospital stays that the ones who were not zinc deficient. The differences were again statistically significant.

In view of this information, it is reasonable to take a daily dose of zinc, in order to prevent zinc deficiency. Zinc is known for be essential for immune system cell maturation and for regeneration of epithelia. It is a cofactor in many immunomodulatory and antioxidant reactions.

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