High Dietary Menaquinone Intake Is Associated With Reduced Coronary Calcification

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This article is a cross sectional study that showed that in post menopausal women, vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is associated decreased coronary calcification, but vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) was not.

Link to the article. Also here

To quote this article in bibliography:

Beulens, Joline, Michiel Bots, Femke Atsma, Marie-Louise Bartelink, Matthias Prokop, Johanna Geleijnse, Jacqueline Witteman, Diederick Grobbee, Yvonne van der Schouw. “High Dietary Menaquinone Intake Is Associated With Reduced Coronary Calcification." Atherosclerosis 203, no. 2 (2009): 489-493. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2008.07.010

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Hello @secondmedicalop, I noticed that a large portion of this post is not your original content. Please refer to this article on Proof of Heart, Proof of Brain by the Natural Medicine Community.

The majority of the article should be your own original content and the use of sources are only used to back up your claims.

Thank you😀


I did not post in the Natural Medicine Community. My post has 3 lines (my original content) and is a summary of the article referenced.

We are all Hivians, just trying to help. It may become an issue for you in the future. 😀 Good luck...

That sounded like a threat.

It cannot be an issue, because I did nothing wrong. I want to leave this on record.

  1. I did not post in your Natural Medicine Community
  2. I provided the correct reference.

I do not see how you are trying to help. I am enriching the Hive blockchain by bringing relevant information and posting adequate references. You can see that I took my time to place it in Chicago Style even. I even provided the license for the picture I paid for. You would be helpful if you are humble enough to acknowledge a mistake.

I'm sorry, but I've only forwarded Hive etiquette to you, so you don't receive downvotes. You obviously haven't read the available documentation explaining this and yes, you must source all images. This is regardless of having the license or that you created them yourself.

Sharing the content of others isn't what most consider enriching the blockchain. Original content does.

Have a great experience.

I would agree that original content enriches the blockchain the most. However, what I do does it too, at a lower level. How many people in the blockchain know that vitamin K2 can decrease coronary calcification? Some person may have learn it from getting in touch with my post. Maybe I can add more lines of my creation, but time is limited for me.
If someone wants to downvote, they are free to do it. It is a free country, a free blockchain. I have found that there are people with power issues that take pleasure on downvoting others. Regardless, they are free to do it