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RE: Checking out some heat sources with my thermal camera

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I never thought about using one of these for my home. I've used them in different power plants. In one case we would use it to take pictures of valves whose position we didn't know was open or closed. The heat differential seen by such a camera would make it very clear to the observer.


Oh very cool, had no idea you worked at power plants.

Yes that would make sense they are a great use for checking things otherwise invisible to us. Looking forward to using my thermal camera on more mechanical projects.

Oh, it's a great tool. One plant I worked at avoided excessive radiation exposure and costs by just sending one person to take the pictures. It saved hundreds of person-hours in avoiding expensive and risky research maintenance just by viewing the heat differential between both parts.

In the case I described you could clearly see the valve was stuck in the shut position just by the coloring. What would have taken days took just a couple of hours between taking the picture and analyzing it.

Holy crap man, you would walk into irradiated areas? Hope you had good protection.

Thats great this tool helped you find the stuck valves.. indeed it would save alot of time.

I can also see the savings possible at the home-front level. I feel it would literally save you thousands from the cost of hiring someone to plug all the cold links.

Yep, knowing where it is now I can just patch them myself mostly.