Learn Python the easy way with Repl.it

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For those wanting to get introduced to coding, python is a great easy yet powerful language to start. There are tons of free online resources you can use but having a good book focussed on starters is probably one of the best ways to jump into the language.

You can purchase Think Python from Allen B.Downey or you can read the free online HTML or just download the pdf version from Green Tea Press making sure you use the second edition of the book as the first one focuses on python2 which is already outdated. The book has also a Github repository where you can find all the coding examples included so you do not have to type them yourself if you don't want to.


Besides using this book, you can create a free account on Repl.it an online IDE (integrated development environment) you can use with many programming languages including python. No matter if you are using an old computer, as long as you have an internet connection, repl.it will offer you free CPU to run your code.

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