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RE: COVID Antigen Test: Sofia SARS Antigen FIA

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In my place, the test results are controversial , a person tested positive at one place and then negative at another and sued the government ( where he did his first test). And then the government issued guidelines that you can test at one place only - they capture bio-metrics even to make sure someone cannot undergo a second test. What could be the the cause of this ?

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  1. How long between each test. It takes time for your viral load to be detectable.

  2. Bad specimen collection.

  3. Bad testing kits.

It’s not possible to know unless we actually dive in and study why things didn’t work the way they do.

Although in your example, it seems awfully suspicious that they won’t allow second testing.

it seems awfully suspicious that they won’t allow second testing

Exactly, I always wonder, why they are scared, if they are really worried about public health, they should rather provide transparency and improve their system. But as you know, there is always something cooking in these government schemes.

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Do you guys have a shortage of testing kits?

Even then...

It's all scam - they fear, people will sue them, if a false positive is reported.