Bought and staked 44.5 k STEM

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44.5 k STEM staked to curate content on stemgeeks


I heard about STEM earlier and I had a feeling of this becoming a great dapp on hive. So I decided to go full in today and bought 44.5 k STEM with all my liquid hive. My goal was to buy 50k, but I ran out of my liquid hive.

And I have staked them now as well, so that I can curate STEM related content. I had a long discussion with @themarkymark on how to get things done, and hopefully I will learn more as I get involved. But I think, STEM has a great potential to bring in more users on HIVE blockchain.

@themarkymark mentioned he is actively working on this, so hopefully, we can see some better results soon. I had some issues with staking as well using hivesigner, and he will look into it as well.

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I think, STEM has a great potential to bring in more users on HIVE blockchain.


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Nice decision dear. I am also of the same believe STEM is the next and is in a good position to surge. Cheers

Amazing , I have to start reading Anthropology from next week and I am thinking about posting some interesting stuff that I might read and STEMGeeks is the perfect platform for that I guess.

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This is great news. I don't have a lot of cotnent to post on @stemgeeks as much as I post for @leofinance or @informationwar This is one project that should focus on researchers, students and educators. There's some censorship happening around certain areas of study. #STEM could be a great place to post.
Good Luck with curation!

@informationwar? That channel sounds amazing. Also, I've learned to love the STEM community. I've never been around another group so interested in the sciences. It's been a joy to write for the group.

I love what I have been able to lean from here. Out of the communities focused on a very specialized area, @stemgeeks and @leofinance have been the most impressive ones. I'm a big fan of #spt #battle #steemace as well.

You should check out @informationwar Discord channel and #informationwar tag. You will find some great information that you won't find on mainstream media. The best part is that much of them are well thought out information and not some crazy conspiracy nuts saying random stuff.

Thanks for the mention, I realized I don't go through mentions very often so I am cathcing up :)

Don't worry. We all get busy.

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That group has been very important for a lot of people on here, I definitely recommend checking out their community!

Yeah, I've been reading up on their posts. It's some pretty interesting stuff.

Great decision. I also noticed this tribe and started to work on it. I hope stem will do great.

Namaste🙏 @sanjeevm, Great to see you that you are being role model of newcomer. Please be safe and take care

awesome news, i am so excited that you came aboard, i remember commenting on you when you bought a lot of hive! quite the investor i would say

Now we need to make stemgeeks stronger and attract more people. I need to increase my stake as well :P

Thank you for your support. The STEM community is a fascinating place to explore any topic.

I try to curate there daily with my meager STEM stake. I have been focused on upping my Leo Finance stake and involvement right now. I hope to do the same with Stem and maybe even figure out some content to post. :)

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I will be coming to Leo soon 😀

Great! The more the merrier. :)

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Hi @sanjeevm
This is indeed a great decision to stake STEM tokens. I got to know about STEM sometime back and started sharing content here. I can see some increased action on this tribe platform. thanks .

I've started posting something in STEMgeeks and I see a good potential in this tribe, thus I am staking STEM, too!
I hope there will be a profitable sharing of knowledge and ideas ;)

This is awesome! I'm glad that you bought a bunch of it. I'm achieving my Hive Power goals and after that I am going to move onto buying and staking a lot more tokens like STEM and some others so that I can help curate them when I am in the communities! Really appreciate you believing in the STEM community here!

I also heard good about STEM. Might jump in the near future, I just spent a bunch of my Hive for Leo.

Stem next ;)

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I think, it has more potential than any other app - imagine we bring in people from school / universities who actually work on these topics - they can blog spontaneously.

I can see the potential Stem being one of the exciting communities here in Hive.

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I could have bought some STEM too but I don't really know how to write tech or stem content so I'll pass on it and buy hive

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