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Why does a hit to the elbow cause an electric shock?

The place where it occurs is called the funny bone. The funny "bone" is actually a long tendril of a nerve called the ulnar nerve. Between the humerus and forearm is a cavity called the cubital tunnel where the nerve is most vulnerable because the nerve in the elbow is less protected by muscle, fat and skin and is easily struck.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

When you bang your lobe against something, the exposed nerve is pinched against the bone.It is the compressed or irritated ulnar nerve that spits out the waves of pain and sends out the "electric shock". The waves startle the regions innervated by the nerve: the forearm, pinky, and middle of the ring finger. A pinched nerve can start in a variety of places in the body, but most commonly in the joints. If there is a pinched nerve in the elbow, it can cause the arm and hand to feel sore, numb, or weak. Pain sensations and tingling in the forearm.
People often describe this electric shock sensation as the typical pain of an irritated nerve. It usually goes away quickly, but it can also cause more persistent symptoms in some people.

What Causes Red-Eye in Photos?

Photographic red-eye is the common appearance of red pupils in color photographs of the eyes.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

It occurs when a photographic flash is used very close to the camera lens (like most compact cameras) in a low-light environment.
The effect occurs in the eyes of humans and animals with tapetum lucidum. The tapetum lucidum is a biological reflector system that is a common feature of vertebrate eyes. Normally, it gives light-sensitive retinal cells a second chance to stimulate photon photoreceptors, improving visual sensitivity in dim light.

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