Human Cloning Good or Bad , Do it or Don't do it

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Desclaimer: Now I am writing this to show the ugly side, the unethichal side of cloning a human being and why I believe it should be banned. If that doesn't sit well with you, before you dive in head first and deep into my post, you have a decision to click or select the back button and do whatever you believe suit your belief or your opinion, We are in the planet earth and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

If you still reading this, I believe you have deceided to stay, so let's dive in 👇👇👇

Now , we have always known that no human being is the same, whether born to the same mother or to different mothers. Even twins from the same mother have different personalities and carry different markings or marks on their bodies, am I right or am I right ?

Now the question is: Is human cloning a good idea or a bad idea? What do you think?

Read on to find out.

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I detest human cloning. First, cloning undermines the value of human life, my point number one ☝️

Until now, in real life, each person is special and different and has a lot to contribute to the world with the help of their thoughts, ideas, and creative minds. But what about cloning?

Here are some fact you should know if you probably don't - With each cloning, his (the clone in this case) brain and body will likely suffer, making him less intelligent and physically weaker.

Believe you me, We don't need stupid and weak cloned beings. Above all, I see no advantage in it. It leads to even more confusion and doubt.

A little dive into crime rate- with cloning, there could be more murders and criminal activities that take advantage of cloning. Different clones of the same human can be trained to act in fraudulent activities or criminal cases.

Therefore, catching the best criminal handlers becomes more difficult.

Some may think that when cloning, it is interesting to see duplicates or triplicates of a human. Yeah right, it all interesting, fun and games until it turns ugly right? let's not open the Pandora box .

You just like watching them together in utter wonder and amazement. This is not fun. Ultimately, they become a burden to a family that has chosen to take care of them.

Also, cloning no longer gives them their own identity, and whether they travel together or separately, they're likely to run into trouble at one point or another, that because cloning is illegal

Eventually, the family trying to take care of them gets into trouble and can be fined or imprisoned depending on the severity of the circumstances. I think we should ban human cloning. This is not fun. This is a case where the process makes the qualities of the clones less suitable.

What's the point of creating frail, inferior clones with a loss of identity? I hope you'll get my point and repeat to me, “Yes, cloning is a bad idea. Yes, it devalues ​​people. So we should ban it altogether.”

Sayonara 🖐️