Daily-Dose-On-Curiosity: Why do water sometimes freeze instantly with just a shake, Why? Find out

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On today's #Daily-Dose-On-Curiosity with @sam9999, we have πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Why does water sometimes freeze instantly with just a shake?

Let's find out together

Image by Three-shots from Pixabay

The basic idea is this: when water freezes, it forms ice, which is a nice regular crystal structure. However, ice crystals require a nucleation site, which is a point for the crystal to form before it can actually form. Under normal circumstances, water usually has some impurities that can serve as nucleation sites around which crystals begin to grow and ice begins to form. However, if you are using very pure water there are no such "natural" nucleation points and therefore there is a chance that the water molecules will want to form ice but cannot.

As a result, liquids well below their freezing point become trapped in a "metastable" state, but this state is precariously stable and easily disturbed. Shaking the bottle is one way to disrupt this stability, as it gives some water molecules a chance to line up properly to start the crystallization process, and once that's done it's energetically favorable for the system, so everyone else jumps too water molecules out.

As a result, would normally see the crystal "grow" in one direction until all the water turned to ice.

How do antiperspirants work?

Antiperspirants are actually a subset of deodorants. While deodorants do not interfere with the sweating process, antiperspirants actively prevent the sweat glands from producing sweat and counteract body odor with their own scent.
Commercially available antiperspirants consist mainly of compounds such as aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum tetrachlorhydrexgly and zirconium as active ingredients. These aluminum-based compounds react directly with Sweat ; More specifically, they affect the electrolytes present in sweat to form a gel plug in the sweat gland duct.

This prevents the glands from secreting sweat onto the "target" area. These gel plugs are naturally removed over time by exfoliating the skin. Simply put, antiperspirants essentially prevent sweat glands from secreting sweat, which automatically leads to armpit odor.
Also, they contain some sweet smelling components that give the body a fragrant boost.

That would be all for today's #Daily-Dose-on-curiosity, Tomorrow is another section , stay tuned! Sayonara, πŸ–οΈ

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Impressive! I must find a really pure water and try it out. In all cases, I see the water freeze after some minutes. The same thing happens when it's melting back to liquid.

Yay! πŸ€—
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Yes, this phenomenon is actually a lovely sight to behold. But it only possible with completely pure water @young-kedar

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