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RE: The Link Between Intelligence and Addiction

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I don't know if the study has any bearing or not. i can say from some experience with my husband that i thought he was very smart. I used alcoholic drink at a young age. Both his parents worked an evening shift so the children were on their own after school. I do know that they started drinking their parents alcohol at around 16 yrs of age. After high school he started other drugs. He often used pot to quite his brain. I really don't feel that I ever tested to the high end of any IQ test. I also did some experimenting with drugs. So I really don't believe that having a high IQ makes you more likely to use or not. I think that people get bored with their lives and are then willing to try some kind of drugs. Also some people get introduced to other drugs due to pain, and thus comes the pain pills. Any way just a thought.


You bring up great points. The study was not to say that anyone couldn't become addicted to drugs or problem gambling for any number of reasons. The study was to point out that there is a correlation between addiction and intelligence level to say that people with high intelligence levels on average have a higher statistical propensity to fall into patterns of addiction. It can happen to anyone and there are plenty of intelligent people who have no issues whatsoever, it was more just an interesting study I saw