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RE: The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

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I see we have a similar sense of humour in our programming style:

def countervote(cunt, authorperm, hive):
    heroes = []
    weight = 0
    if cunt == "fersher":
        heroes = ["saboin"]
        weight = 8
    elif cunt == "stimialiti":
        heroes = ["ticketyboo", "ticketywoof", "borbina"]
        weight = 45

My script streamed the blocks. It was part of another bot that I was using to counter the SBI downvoter at the time. Since it was already streaming the blockchain for those downvotes, I just tacked on a little extra bit of code to mess with @stimialiti and his bunch of alts.

At first I was just countering everything he did, but then he started downvoting abuser just to make my bot upvote them, then he'd remove his donwvote later once my bot had upvoted. It's at that point that I realized I needed to use a whitelist so it would only counter his downvotes on certain users (who were mostly members of SFR and other anti-abuse groups). I can send you that list if you're interested to know who made the cut.

Later, he started to downvote posts with 1% to make my bot waste downvote mana. I then set a threshold so it wouldn't counter his votes unless they were a certain percentage. It didn't take him long to figure that one out either.

You're right when you say he's not a dimwit. He was very good at tricking my bots, but it forced me to change strategies when he did figure out my algorithms.

Overall it was just me having fun with programming. I was just starting to learn Python at the time. I'm sure he got a kick out of it, too.


If only he could actually give his opinion, but he's scared to :)

"ticketyboo", "ticketywoof", "borbina"

Haha.. I remember those accounts very well. Hook up with me on discord, I would love to see your code. Mine is pretty much done now but the writing style is terrible.. and I know it!

My code at the time was sloppy as well. It's much better now.