The amazing lifecycle of the ladybug in pictures

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An insect I've loved ever since I was a child is the cute ladybug:


An incredible pest control creature that goes through so many transformations throughout its lifecycle.

A cycle that starts at the bottom of a leaf...


Tiny eggs that hatch spiky creatures to reveal...


Crawling up and down the trees, on another leaf they'll rest...


In cocoons that keep them safe until they come out their best...


And once time, the right, has come out of there they'll start to run...


Showing us their pretty face...


Falling in the world's embrace!


Not exactly the most scientific way to explain the lifecycle of this remarkable bug, but it is definitely one of the most fun and most suitable for teaching young learners the stages of a ladybug's life.

I hope you enjoyed today's lesson!!

See you soon! 🐞

All photos and video taken by me, @ruth-girl - Not free for re-use

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Love ❤️ the images! I also love ladybugs.. thanks for showing us their life circle!

Thank you Katerina!! 🐞❤

Φοβερές οι φωτογραφίες!!!!

Ευχαριστωωωωωω Νικο!