Let's Make A Wire Bat

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DIY: Wire Bat

Today I want to share with you an idea that I came up with and that will materialize it as I have been doing it lately, only with Wire copper from an old wire, tin, tin solder. a little sandpaper, a guide drawing and a lot of creativity. Without more than lengthening I leave you this Wire Bat built in the easiest and simplest way ... Anyone can do it, just want to do it.

Materials to use:

As always, COPPER WIRE..

Tin and soldering iron.

Pliers and tweezers.

Colored glossy paper, white, black.

Glue and scissors.


Process / Procedimiento:

It is always necessary to have a sketch of the piece to be built, I took my paper and pencil and began to draw this bat ...


Then as always, you have to design and cut the pieces, in this case I started by making the bat's wings; I made them of a thinner wire, to be able to shape it once they are finished.


Then go on to make the body and the head; and added some nice ears for a more realistic touch.


Having the main pieces, the next step is to join them with good tin and solder. (Remember to use sandpaper to clean the copper wire a little so that you have a clean and fast solder).



After joining the body, head and wings, I put some legs on it. (They are also partly made so that they can be arched and so it can be hung anywhere).



Having assembled the skeleton of the Bat, the other step is to decorate it with dark paper. First build one wing and then the other.


Finished the wings, you have to give the finishing details of the body, head and ears.


Finally, he added the detail of the eyes and nose to give shape and expression to his nightmare face.


Now you can hang it anywhere and leave it as an ornament anywhere in your house or as a gift to a family member or friend!


This little friend prefers to sleep outside to see if he can find some of his night friends !!!





All photos are my property, taken with my Samsung GT-I9063T phone.


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