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RE: Python Libraries: 'Who Didn't Vote'

in STEMGeeks4 months ago

Love this project!

If you are one of those guys who ritually only comments on Orca posts only expecting a comment vote, it's not just me who finds this practice irritating.

I personally don't just find it irritating, I find it irritating in the extreme!

Maybe that's your next script - ratio of of comments to Orca and Whale accounts!


I know you have expressed some interest in Python before. It's easy to run others' scripts. Downloaded Anaconda, import the BEEM libraries with pip3, grab my code and create a shortcut.., like this..


'E:\Anaconda3\python.exe "E:\Anaconda3\Scripts\WhoDidntVote\'

.. and run it.., easy!

Hey cheers, I might give it a try sometime!