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RE: Python Libraries: Splinterlands SPS Auto-Staker v.1.2

in STEMGeeks5 months ago

Have you decided it's not worth selling ATM then?!?


Well yes, I considered it and @azircon's comments kind of dissuaded me in the end. I am too invested to sell out, I think that goes for many of us.

I know what you mean, I'm skimming about 20% out out and then about 20% into Hive and in those pools, but that's waiting to go back into the game.

I'd be insane not to take something out even now, it's a minor hedge, with 80% being ploughed back in, I mean the whole think could just stay flat, after all.

Yes, I take some and am building my HIVE stash back up. I feel it's more stable in the long run.