Improve Your Memory #2: Learn Fast Earn More

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A report released by the US Census Bureau highlighted the correlation between your level of education and your earning potential.

The stark revelation that workers with a high school diploma earned on average only half what a degree qualified worker did per year, wasn’t a surprise so much as a wake up call.

Learning is a premium skill that must be developed and promoted. How fast you learn can determine the speed at which you climb the career ladder.

You don’t have to have a degree to make your employer take notice, you just have to show your capacity to learn new skills. For example, even something as simple as learning to use Excel, Word or basic IT can turn you into the go-to person in your office.

Taking a first aid course, basic bookkeeping, accelerated driving course or learning about cyber security will all add value to your CV. Of course, going the extra step and earning that degree is always going to add to your bottom line. But in our current fast paced society, it’s essential that you are able to learn these skills quickly and efficiently.

Earn More – Why Education Matters.

Fifty years ago, you could work forty hours, get paid and go home for the weekend to spend time with your family, knowing that all your bills were paid. You had a good car in the drive, a holiday to look forward to and you could look forward to your pension and retirement with confidence.

That’s all changed now. Pension age has increased to sixty seven. And for those starting their working lives, might conceivably be seventy by the time they are ready to retire.

It takes two wages to run most households. And a state pension is no longer enough to meet your retirement needs.

The only way to combat this is to improve your education level.

On average a degree qualified worker earns over $1,000 a week, while a worker with a High School Diploma earns on average over $600. It’s worse for workers without a High School Diploma, their average take home pay is less than $500 a week.

But the good news is that there are many excellent courses available, both on and offline, and at a cost that won’t break your bank. Taking advantage has never been as easy.

Even a couple of short online college courses can increase your income level by up to twenty seven percent. (Census Bureau) This means that even without a degree you are improving your earning potential.

To put this in financial terms, a twenty seven percent increase to a basic workers weekly wage would be $135. For a worker with a high school diploma it equates to a $162 weekly increase.

Education has never been more important.

Develop Your Memory

Learning is dependent on memory recall. If it’s strong, you’ll learn fast. If it’s weak, you’ll struggle.

The good news is that your memory is much better than you realize.

Much like a muscle, your memory works better when it’s exercised.

There are five excellent methods of studying that will help you learn faster and better.

They are:

  1. Practice testing

  2. Distributed practice

  3. Interleaved practice

  4. Elaboration interrogation

  5. Self explanation

You can also boost your learning potential by improving your:

  1. Eating

  2. Sleeping

  3. and exercising habits.

Read the article "3 Habits To Improve Your Memory and Boost Your Brain Health” for more information on how your eating, sleeping and exercising habits impact on your ability to learn and remember.

Learn Fast and Earn More

It’s a simple equation. Learn fast and earn more.

To learn faster, develop your working and long term memory. Practice will make perfect.

As long as you are learning, you will be increasing your earning potential. Increasing your earning potential ensures that you can provide for yourself and your family, and not just the basics but the luxuries that make life worthwhile.

Learn fast. Earn More. Memorise. Wash and repeat. You’ll never look back.


The United States trails nearly all other industrialized nations when it comes to educational equality, and it shows in income inequality.

Education Is Biggest Determining Factor For Earning Potential

It’s long been known that more education means more earnings for American workers. But a new report from the federal government shows just how stark the difference is among workers…

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