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RE: Witness Votes and Why

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I agree with you in helping people of lower rank than the elites. I still have a lot to learn and better understand this whole ecosystem but every day I learn a little more and publications like this contribute to it. Greetings friend.


Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate that you spent some time on here. There is so much to learn from this place, it's both really fun but at the same time a little challenging!

I think it would be a great idea to have some more up-to-date witness information sessions. I know some of them do it but others don't for one reason or another. I'm sure there is definitely a gap between the witnesses and communities that don't speak English, since most of the witnesses do. Do you know if members of the Spanish community have much participation in the witness selection? I will check out some members that I know and see if they have voted for any!

Know this for sure not, however there are communities like @cervantes and @laradio that I know encourage support for witness selection.