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rate.sx is a wonderful MIT-licensed service created by Igor Chubin that offers real-time information, converter, calculator, exchange rates and graphical representation of cryptos from the terminal.

Project page : https://rate.sx

GitHub : https://github.com/chubin/rate.sx

rate.sx does not need to be installed, it is enough to have curl, if we don't have it

sudo apt install curl

Use of rate.sx

With the simplest command we visualize the top 10 and changes

curl https://rate.sx


By default everything is in USD, if we want another currency we indicate it in the domain.

curl https://eur.rate.sx


To view the graph, prices and various data of a cryptocurrency

curl https://rate.sx/btc


To display the graph at a given date, for example, the last 30 days of bitcoin

curl https://rate.sx/btc@30d


We also have a calculator where you can add and subtract

curl https://rate.sx/1BTC+1000HIVE


I have had the pleasure of speaking by email with the creator and although hive and hbd are not yet on the updated list, it is on its way, to be able to visualize it we will make a

curl -s https://rate.sx/?n=500 | grep -i hive


This is especially configurable with aliases as I commented in yesterday's post


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This is really cool.
I have never used a real-time service from command line.
I will give it a try.
We should be able to use it using gitbash on windows system ?

The truth is that I have not tried it and right now I only have Linux on all my machines, I can then install a virtual one and tell you about it. I know it works well with curl, but there is a curl port too, let's try it.

really cool site, I didn't know about this one - thanks for sharing!
adding a new alias now :)

Thanks to you for reading it, I'm very glad you like it, best regards

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