Yes, I email my elmer and his response was:

WooHoo! Excellent! Very happy!

I can now say I am a real Ham Radio operator, now to hone my on air skillz....

I jealous:)

Well it is much easier to get a license these days and you probably have 1 or 2 clubs close by. I joined the local club and took their course and passed with greater than 90% which earned me a Basic + Honors and allows me to get on the air with up tp 100 Watts on any licensed Canadian band. If you are really interested in a license check out local clubs, that is where I met my elmer who keeps pushing me forward.

It is more about finding the time. Single working mom who home-schools her child but it may one day become a homeschooling lesson:)

There is no age limit to who can get a license, you could both get licenses.